World What?

Not sure if anyone has heard but allegedly the World Cup starts on Friday. Yes really!

I am not really into sports but it tries it's best to sneak into my life. My ex and his best friend were very sporty and my best friends do all sorts of crazy sporty things. Despite this I manage to ignore sport most of the time.

However, constant media coverage of planes landing in South Africa has finally alerted me to this event. The World cup was mentioned on the radio while I was driving Mr Midnite so I decided to mention it in some sort of cool girl way.

"Are Nigeria in the World Cup Mr Midnite?"
"No, don't think so sweetie pie"
"But there will be some West African countries, won't there? Like Ivory Coast and Ghana."
"Don't know, honey bunny!"

So a few days later the boys at work were happily sticking up the World Cup wall chart and to show interest I asked "Which countries are in the World Cup?" The list of countries ran like this:

So I sent Mr Midnite a text saying "Nigeria are in the world cup, shame on you sexy man".

His response when I next saw him was:
"I'm Scottish and we are not in the world cup"
"Umm didn't ask if you were, I asked if Nigeria were in the championship"
"But sweet cheeks I live in Scotland"
And so it went on.

So while wives and girlfriends across the world will be forced to watch multiple football matches or be banished to watch the old TV in the bedroom I will be free to ignore the whole event.

That said I like the world cup, good football is exciting and there is a good chance of England ending in a penalty show down, so will probably watch some of it anyway.

England vs USA on Saturday. We will be playing football hope they aren't, could be some injuries!


fizzee rascal said...

Hey, everyone loves the footy, Sky say so.

LFC_Loads said...

football is my personal sport. (well apart from tennis).

glad u have taken somewhat of an interest in the whole world cup thing.

look forward to australia beating england again =P

Mrs Midnite said...

Well Loads I am pleased to see you think England will get far enough to be beaten by Australia, assuming in a girl way that you want to see a mtach between them and not just get further than we do.

Sky wouldn't lie, would they?

Tyrie said...

Ugh, I'm just now recovering from yesterday's US/England match. I'm American, true, but I've been pulling for "jolly old" since I was a kid - there wasn't much for football in the US when I was growing up. So, went down to the pub yesterday morning to watch all of the matches. Great day overall (hot as hades, though), but I just can't be happy with a tie - especially one coming from such a blundering goal as the one scored by the US. Alas, hopefully Friday's games will be more decisive.

Mrs Midnite said...

Yes a bit of a disappointing result for England. Hoping they do better, it would be good to get through the group stages at least! I was also supporting Nigeria so disappointed there too but not unexpected and their goal keeper was great!

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