Sasha's Agility Pictures

Last weekend we all went to a charity doggie day.  Sasha's agility club were doing a demonstration and one of the lovely ladies had a great camera to capture the action. 

Enjoy :0)

Star had a try at the "have a go agility" and was, well a star!  Negotiated a way to take both to classes so she can do the training.  Next time hopefully will have pics of both pups.

Sasha and her little pal also won the waggiest tail competition aided by the generous application of popcorn :0)

So she doesn't feel left out here's a quick Star pic:

Eau de Parfume

Woof to all the blogger dogs out there, Sasha here with news on my new perfume.

Today at the beach I found a fantastic new smell and can bring it to you for the bargain price of one chicken wing per bottle.

You doggie types will love this new perfume, it suits all occasions and is a really good strong stench.

So I bring you from the furry girls perfume house ................................ Eau De Dead Crab

Place your orders quick before mum baths us!

Sorry another job related blog post!

Sorry, sorry, it's not supposed to be a job hunting blog but it's hard to think of other things just now.

This week I got my leaving date from work, 30th September is my last day.  10 years served and I was innocent I tell you ............... innocent!  It will actually be 10 years and 5 months working in the same place.

So now I know when I'll be finished.  I still don't have another job although the job with no salary has been in touch!

I had a phone interview with an HR person from a local company and was told I would hear by the end of the week ................... nothing!  This is a one of those interesting jobs, its an area I'd like to get into but to do that I need to take a step back to get some experience.  In some ways I'm over qualified, I have bundles of project management experience.  In other ways I don't have enough, only limited experience in this area of the Pharmaceutical industry. 

So I'd have to go from Senior Project Manager in manufacturing to at the highest an Associate Clinical Project Manager.  Except there are no Associate jobs around so I'm going back an extra step to the support level to get the experience.  Took some planning how to explain to the HR person that I'm not just using it as a stop gap while I find something better.  I do want to do this so happy to take the step back / pay cut and work my way back up.

Waiting, waiting, waiting for them to get back to me.  Even when they do it will probably just be to go for a face to face interview with the group manager.  Then more waiting, waiting and waiting.

Just give me the job, I'm fab, I work hard, I'm great with people, modest and I can communicate.  Go on!

Visualising getting the job offer in a positive thinking way. 

Wish me luck :0)

Interesting Interview

Well I had an interesting interview experience today.  It was a Project Manager job for a new company with a new product.  Very interesting idea and will probably work out if they market it well.

Discussed the job and it would be a good job, interesting to be involved from the start and a small company so probably I'd get lots of new experience.  But try and guess the salary.............

....................... go on have a guess

in £s if you can but I'll convert with my skilled maths mind and tell you if you're right for any currency

no lower........................

no lower ..............................

still lower ....................................

you got it

That's right zero, nothing, zilch, nada, nought, nowt, none, zip and nil.  £0.00 or $0.00 or €0.00 you take your pick!

So there you are, that was an interesting experience. 

PS.  Blogger has decided I can't post comments on my blog or anyone elses so although I'm around I can't comment.  It keeps saying I need to log in so I do and then we go round again.  Confused!

Still job hunting


What a boring searching for jobs blog.

Sorry I'm still filling my spare time job hunting instead of blogging.  Hopefully normal service will be resumed soon.

Next week I will get my leaving date from my current job.............. TORN

I want out!  So sick of working there.  Really wanting an early date.

BUT I have to pay my bills so I should be wanting a late date and hanging in as long as possible.

Anyway off to search for jobs!

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