The saga of the floor

Finally, finally, finally I should be getting my new wood floor fitted in the next two weeks.  I picked the floor 5 years ago.

The problem .... my brother used to fit floors so I'm not prepared to pay a stranger to fit it, I decided to wait until my brother could fit it.  Years after year I waited but as family I was always bottom of the list.

Flash forward to May 2011, the floor fitting was all arranged for the first week in July.  Woo hoo.  Ummm no.  That's when the company I used to work for announced my job was at risk.  So ever sensible (ha ha ha) I decided that spending money on the floor was silly if the mortgage payment might be at risk later in the year.

Now with new job and some redundancy money in the bank I went in the January sales and visited my floor.  It is massively reduced so to get the savings the family advise "buy now".  A January filled with paper scrapping, plastering, painting etc etc is now ongoing in preparation for the arrival of the floor.

Now the only risk is bad weather or plan changes from my brothers baby mama. Fingers crossed!

Here's Star and Sasha giving the old carpet some goodbye hugs :0)


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Happy New Year

Yeah I know it's 12 January 2012 so I'm very late with the happies.

My New Year's resolution should be to blog more. Maybe thats a good plan.

Anyway hope everyone out in blogger land is happy, healthy and that good things come your way in 2012.

Lots of Love
Mrs Midnite :0)

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