Typer's block

For some reason the words aren't following tonight, I don't know why.  The ideas are there but they just don't want to come out to play. 

I think the problem is that the thoughts I am having are ones that I struggle to express in real life but normally I can write things  I find hard to talk about.  Maybe I'm just too tired to get my bloggy thoughts straight.

Maybe it will work tomorrow and I can share some memories with you all, maybe not.  I'm not saying here that they are bad memories, I didn't have the best childhood ever but it was no where near the worst.  I think maybe there are some bits that I am avoiding that are close to the bits I was remembering.  Who knows where this blog will go f it ever starts.


DanWins said...


just to get you in the typing mode how about telling us where we can find the best Fish n Chips in your part of the UK?

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