Strange day / strange thoughts

Have you have a day when your mind just goes off for a wander on it's own and sends back weird little postcards?

I was in the North East of England, land of my childhood and teenage years.  Plus it was my cousin's 18th birthday and I remember seeing her in hospital at a day old.   While I was driving my ipod added the final ingredient by pulling out some old tunes that sent my mind off on a trip down memory lane.

As I drove along singing (some would say howling but I'm going with singing) little flashes of life jumped out a me:

My gran, her house, garden and her little dog.
Days at the big park with my cousins
A holiday at Seahouses when I was 17
A day on the beach a Bamburgh during a weekend away
Driving to my exs house for a visit
My first boyfriend and the summer I was 16
The night we drove to get my brother out of jail
Learning to drive
Caravan holidays when I was little
Days a college and the Britannia pub
Sunny days sitting on my bedroom window sill looking at the view
Days missing school just because
Nights out in Duffy's

It was like a memory collage, like my life flashing before my eyes.  It made me feel sad that all these things have gone.  There were a lot of people in these memories that I don't see anymore.  There were some good and bad flashes and it made me think "never regret anything that made you smile at the time".  I thought about this saying for a while and then halved it "never regret anything".  I'm generally happy, my life is good, everything that I was and everything that happened brought me to where and who I am today and today is good.

I crossed the border back into Scotland and felt like I was coming home.  My history and memories might be in England but my now is in Scotland.


DanWins said...

Don't you love when that stuff happens (the good parts). Always have to remember the good!

Thanks for the comment it is slowly moving, wish I could get a flood but Thank you for your input.

Miss Melicious said...

Good trips down memory lane are always the best...funny sometimes, the things that trigger them. Don't cry because its over, smile because it happened....Dr. Suess.

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