43 minutes and 56 seconds

Until the commentator for the England game mentioned 1966.  Note, this is how you really annoy the Scottish, try not to mention it again.  It was a really long time ago and it's sort of embarrassing that we haven't won since!  Just stop now.

Another World Cup ish comment.  Does anyone else think Fabio Capello is a name that belongs to a dance DJ not an England manager.  Fabio Capello live from Ibiza type of name!  Perhaps that's the problem? 

Currently its 0-0 in the England vs Algeria game.  Fabio is having a 15 minute talk with the team, the commentators are hoping a different England emerge from the tunnel for the second half.  Some South African teens quickly shoved into the England strips perhaps?  Not sure you could get away with that, even I would notice if you swapped Rooney.  Perhaps if Fabio spun some rave tunes they would come out a with a bit more enthusiasm?  Got to be worth a try.


DanWins said...

Hopefully both the USA and England Win on Weds and both go on to the next round.

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