Misfit in Misfits

OK I know I'm way behind the rest of the UK but I just finished watching Misfits. It was on E4 before Christmas.

I was really enjoying the first 4 episodes, it was like the UK, pretty adult version of heroes. Some young offenders and their probation officer get hit by a strange bolt of lightening during a weird storm. In the days after the storm strange things start happening, Kelly the chav girl can hear what people and animals are thinking, very funny when her dog is licking her face thinking "I've just been licking my balls you dirty bitch". Simon the strangest character realises he can turn invisible, unsurprising as he is pretty invisible most of the time. Alisha's power is a bit odd, everyone that touches her becomes really attracted to her but not in a good way. Nathan doesn't seem to have a power, in his opinion because you can't improve on perfection. Curtis discovers that he can rewind time. Just in time because this happens minutes before their probation officer goes crazy and tries to kill them.

Because of the warning from Curtis the group are able to kill their probation officer and save themselves. The next few episodes are pretty good with the relationships developing between the group as they try to cover up the death.

The 4th episode sees Curtis travelling back in time to the night he got arrested with his girlfriend for buying drugs. He has a chance to save himself (his budding athletics career) and stop his girlfriend from going to prison. It takes him a few goes to get it right and during this you see why some of the other characters are doing community service. Nathan's crime is, as he has said, stealing some pick and mix.

Finally Curtis wakes up to find that he has corrected his life and everything is fine. Then he discovers that the rest of the group were killed when the probation officer went crazy and has to go back and get himself arrested again so that he can save them.

So up to this point I'm enjoying the series, it's pretty funny. Loved Nathan's loud mouthed and offensive character and really liked Kelly's straight talking. Then in the next episode it all goes a bit weird. Another storm effected person has the power to change people's behaviour and is turing the youth of the area into some strange perfect kids that look like they stepped out of a Little House on the Prairie scene. The characters then have a fight to prevent themselves from becoming brain washed. Eventually only Nathan and Simon are left as the yobs we know and love. Simon by this stage has killed a second probation worker (lets no go into that). Nathan manages to masquerade as a converted teen and gets the brain washer onto the roof of a building where they both fall to their deaths. All very sad but totally unconnected from the previous episodes and it just seemed like two half's of a story welded together. Kind of like a Misfit really!

Anyway the end was clever but really really annoyed me! As mentioned Nathan dies, they all go to his funeral. The final scene sees the camera moving through 6 feet of soil until you see Nathan lying in his coffin. He wakes up and has a major celebration because he has a power "I'm immortal". Next he realises he is buried alive has a bit shout then puts on his ipod and just lies there. That's it, the end. Through the magic of the internet I can share that with you:

So since then I've been wondering what happens, if he is immortal will he suffocate and then come back to life as some oxygen filters in only to die again when it runs out? Will he just lie there for eternity? Clearly the ipod battery will run out pretty quick. Thinking an iphone might have been more useful, do any networks guarantee a signal when buried alive?

I just can't get this last scene out of my head. I'm developing a new fear, buried alive. I was dreaming about it last night, thanks E4! I think that they can insert a pipe into the ground that reaches into a coffin. You can hang a rope down the pipe and connect it to a bell so you can ring if you get buried alive. I think I might have to put that in my will.

BUT just found out there is a second series so I won't be left wondering for too long :0)


Hali said...

Woo.. fun fun fun shows.

Well you commented on my blog about Doctor Who . It is very nice to meet Fellow Doctor Who fan. The newest one we saw was Amy's Choice (episode 7 of series 5) America's New series of doctor who is your UK's old series. So in other words we American's are behind. BUT!!! I am very much looking forward to watching the episode about van gogh in the future. thanks ^_^

Mrs Midnite said...

I think you are only 2 or 3 episodes behind spo won't be long.

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