Trip to the emergency vet

When I got home tonight poor little Star just wasn't herself, my little drama queen was suffering as only royal dogs can.  While out for a walk she cried and yelped a few times.  On return to the house she had to retire to my bed and snuggle under the duvet. She kept pushing her head under the pillow and crying.  The wee one wouldn't eat a treat and occasionally threw herself across the room and tried to stick her head down the back of the sofa cushions.

Clearly something not right!

So the emergency vet was called and the possibility of her been too hot was discussed and rejected.  Due to the head burying and whimpering I decided to take her in and get her checked.

After a reasonably short wait a vet aged about 15 saw my little dog.  Checked her head, neck etc to the sounds of much crying and found nothing.  Checked her heart and it is fine (Cavaliers quite often have dickey tickers).  Finally the rear end was examined and immediately the cause of her distress was found, a giant anal abscess.  Some disgusting time later accompanied by much doggie squealing we were released from the consulting room.

The next dog in the queue refused to go in having heard and watched the shrieking cavalier tremble across the waiting room.

Cost - £150, knowing Star is OK - priceless.

I hate that  you almost need psychic powers to work out what Star wants, Sasha is so clear she almost speaks, Star is hard to interpret.  All the head hiding and squeaking had me thinking she had some sort of neurological problem.  Anal abscess disgusting but not permanent and easily treated.


The Author is Unknown said...

Thank goodness she's ok.
There's just nothing worse, is there? Coming home to find your little baby hurting?
In my experience, cuddles will help the dog's injury and your broken heart to heal quicker.

Mrs Midnite said...

Thank you, I feel so useless when they are ill, never know how to help. Cuddles are the only prescription I can hand out!

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