Chocolate man

I was waiting at the bus stop with a friend who originates from Guyana in South America.  There was a little girl standing near us with her mum, I'm guessing she was about 2.  She caught sight of my friend and was staring so he smiled and waved at her.  She grabbed her mum's arm to get her attention and said

"look mum, a chocolate man"

Her mum was mortified and stuttered out an apology, I was killing myself laughing and my friend just replied

"that's OK, I am the colour of Cadbury's chocolate!"

On the bus we could hear the mum trying to explain about racism to a 2 year old.  Pretty much pointless to me, there was no intent to offend in her comment, she just said what she saw.


Vanilla Toast said...

I love how children are so innocent and yet so blunt with their observations! They have no filter, sometimes, but you just can't help but laugh at the things they say.

DanWins said...

Fantastic, innocents and honesty, kids are always great for that. She said what she saw and I imagine you friend got a small kick out of that description.

French Bean & Coffee Bean said...

I agree with Vanilla Toast. Sometimes you just cannot help, but to laugh at what little kids say, even if it is a bit harsh...

Michael said...

It's endearing, really. I call my best friend (who is Filipino, and dark-skinned) chocolate-colored and he doesn't mind it either. (Okay, he does.) (A lot.) (But it's a best friend thing.) (So it's okay.)

Anonymous said...

Hey!!! That is my little sister who commented first. Hey there KID (my nick name for her)!

I love that aspect about kids. I once took my then three year old niece to the bathroom one time and when we got in there, a lady was leaving the stall. I got Taylor situated in the stall while the women was washing her hands. About that time Taylor exclaims "Ew, Auntie Amber, she peed all over the seat!!"

I am still laughing about that almost ten years later. She gets embarrassed when I bring it up.

Mrs Midnite said...

Kids are cool, my Nephew says some great things. Its a shame we lose that.

Clare Actman said...

My mum actually calls black people 'chocolates'. She doesn't mean to be racist.

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