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Today I went to an event in Glasgow called Glam, had a great day with some friends drinking cocktails and wandering around fashion stalls, having our make-up done, buying the odd trinket.  All very nice.

One of the exhibitors was a psychic, we went along to a workshop just to see what she was like.  She wanted someone to let her touch and look at their handbag to see what she could tell about them.  So I volunteered, must have been feeling brave. 

I am interested in the idea of psychic powers and like to give it a try and see what they say.  My Dad seems to attract gypsies etc who just approach him and tell him things, for no money!  I don't get that, I have to seek them out!

So up I hopped with handbag in hand and this is what she came up with:

1) I'm seeing two very different sides to your personality.  MrsM thought, I'm bipolar
2) You can be very secretive and keep to yourself but with the right people you are very open.  MrsM thought, I used to keep it all in but now I'm pretty open.  Still some things I'll only tell the odd person or my blog.
3) Have you recently been to the dentist?  MrsM thought no, but I used to be a dental nurse and had just had a chat about it last night.  Plus just before we started this I'd seen a stall about teeth whitening and had a memory of how boring I found that.
4) Strange I'm also seeing eyes, have you recently been to the optician?  MrsM thought, yes, yesterday.  See my blog about it - link
5) Are you involved with some sort of alternative therapy like Rekki or Yoga?  MrsM thought, I have just signed up for yoga classes (blogged about that too - link) at a place that does all sorts of alternative stuff.  I've been thinking about it in my aim to stay calm. 
6) You seem to be psychic yourself, have you noticed that?  MrsM thought, I've been told that before.  I have pretty good intuition and as Mr Midnite says I pick up moods much more than most.  I just think I'm sensitive to moods and how people are feeling.  Psychic said what I call sensitive is a psychic ability that I'm ignoring. I should follow my intuition.

So dear blog followers, tell me do you think these 6 things were wild stabs in the dark that are so general they could apply to anyone?  Do you think she is just a very observant person and perhaps things about me gave her clues?  Or do you think she truly has a power?

Interested to know what you think.


DanWins said...

Having not met you in person myself, I would have to say, honestly, I can not tell you if you gave away clues/vibes. Some people do have that kind of ability and others have a tad little bit of it and fill in the rest with Rubbish. With the way things lined up with some of your blogs and your past I would ask this Did this person know you in anyway or is a follower of your blog? If the answer is no and you say gypsies saught out your Dad on occasion she may have picked up on your natural vibes and sensitivity and been able to read it very accurately. Goddesslily being active may be able to answer the more astral side. But those are my personal opinions.

The Author is Unknown said...

1. Most people have a couple of "sides".
2. Is your handbag large?
3. Do you have good teeth?
(If the answers to both of these questions are yes, if I was her, I would've said something along the lines of the secret thing and the recent dental trip thing).
4. The glasses? mmmmm, I'm going to err on the side of scepticism. You probably gave some kind of visual queue....
5. The yoga? I'll bet that at a fair like you describe, 90% of the women are involved in something like that....they would be that kind of demographic I think.
6. A generic comment that's probably fairly true of most women. Especially the kind of demographic that would be at a fashion fair.

Just my 2c.....

But, if things like psychics or religion give people comfort, then I don't see the harm in it. I would just advise against making any ground-breaking decisions based on what she told you, but you're a smart lady and you already knew that :-)

#1Nana said...

I think that many of us are good at trusting our instincts. And, I think instinct is our brain processing all our past and current observations. We can be tipped off when something is off kilter. I do think the observations were pretty general. Did she just hold your purse, or look inside? The contents of my purse would be a giveaway to anyone trying to figure me out.
So, do I believe in psychics predicting the future? No, but I really would like to!

Lily Seymour said...

I'm a certified Reiki healer and a certified Quantum Clairvoyant/Angelical Intuitive Reader. I don't practice the art of psychic readings because I don't believe in them. I feel unless one tunes into the higher realms of Spirit but asking for the individual's personal Angelical guides to come forth with a message they are needing to hear, then one cannot give an accurate reading on any individual. They can touch on some things happening in the the lower density of that person but they are unable to give accurate details of a person's life such as health/specific illness/family/loved ones/life/love/relationships/etc. The list goes on and on when a person's true Angelical Guides are present during the readings.

Miss Melicious said...

hmmm...I don't know. I love the whole idea of psychics, but I think that a true psychic could've been a bit more insightful and specific. The statements she made to you were a little too general for my liking.

fizzee rascal said...

In my honest opinion, I think it's bullshit. It's all too vague.

"Do you think she is just a very observant person and perhaps things about me gave her clues"

That's the truth of it,right there.

Annah said...

I don't believe in psychics at ALL. I think they're all posers. But they're fun anyway. I love getting my cards and hands read :)

Mrs Midnite said...

I guess its all good fun unless they try to get you to do something based on their messages. I suspect you can tell a lot from a persns looks etc if you are very observant, like in the mentalist and monk. I'm impressed she got 6 out of 6.

The Quiet Riot said...

I wonder if she says this to everyone? I honestly don't believe in psychics. If they were real, they'd have all won the lottery by now and moved to country estates. LOL Why is it they are always stuck in little booths or tents? Fun stuff but not real.

KBee said...

They talk complete claptrap. But my sister is a big believer ever since one told her she WOULD have a son when she was having problems having children. They strike it lucky when people are vulnerable then have fans for life.

Anonymous said...

I was once told by a psychic at the fair that I would not have children and would continue "to be an empty shell of a person" because of it.

I couldn't tell if she was trying to be a bitch or if she was just telling me something about my future.

Consequently, I cannot have children (didn't know that at the time) and I AM an empty shell of a person because of it.


French Bean & Coffee Bean said...

It sounds more like you went for a doctor check-up.

Have you been to the dentist lately? Did you get your eyes checked? Are you doing exercise? Do you brush your teeth? Do you lather, rinse, and repeat?

-French Bean

Mrs Midnite said...

Amber Mr Midnite would say that the psychic saying it made you think it and thinking it made it happen. I don't know if that's true but I thought "psychics" didn't say bad things unless it was so you could do something about it. Seems like she was a bitch to me.

I would say that nothing is impossible and you just never know what might happen. I feel sad that you think you are "an empty shell of a person" because of this you don't come across like one, I want to give you a hug now. Hugs !!!

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