Dr Van Gogh, Who?

I love Dr Who, have done since I was little. I loved K9 with the 4th Doctor and used to hide behind cushions when the scary darleks came on. By far my favourite Doctor so far has been David Tennent, I thought he made the perfect Doctor. I am just starting to adapt to the new Doctor, it has been hard but Matt Smith is doing a good job. The 10th episode has been my favourite of this series and new Doctor so far.


The episode involved the Doctor and Amy going back in time to hunt aliens with Vincent Van Gogh. I just loved the links in to Van Gogh's paintings and the way they handled his mental illness without it getting too depressing.

There were some fantastic bits in this episode. I loved Vincent tryingto explain how he sees colour, the Doctors response was along the lines of having seen so much (10 life times worth so far) but he would never be able to see the world the way Van Gogh does.

My favourite part was when the Doctor takes Van Gogh forward to see his paintings in a museum, just fantastic casting, writing and acting. Vincent's reaction was perfect.

I loved Amy's optimism that they had changed things and that Van Gogh would live longer and paint more. The Doctors explaination of why showing him the future didn't help was so true, the good days can be fantastic but they don't stop the bad days.

Great episode, hope Richard Curtis writes more!

(NB. Pctures stolen from the BBC, sorry)


DanWins said...

oh, fine......

I need to read your comments so I can comment properly and you go and "spoil" it for me by talking about Dr. Who. BUMMMMMMMEEEERRRR

LOL all in fun.

Cant forget the scarf, I swear that thing changed sizes from bigger to smaller, from wide to thin and back again. Just seemed that way.

Anyway. will come back next week to finish reading this one so we have time to get it on BBC America and you havent ruined the storyline.

be a love and hint me if next weeks is good also

Mrs Midnite said...

It looks good from the clips on TV so far. People who go upstairs and disappear.

At least I alerted you, I tried to make my point without revealing too much. So the US is slightly behind, I'll try and save any Who posts for later in the week.

I noticed that about the scarf too :0)

DanWins said...

dont hold your post back for me love, I will close one eye when I read and keep half my brain from knowing about it. :)

Mrs Midnite said...

Lol, I'll tick in a spoiler so you know to close one eye. Let me know what you think once you catch up!

Michael said...

I loved this episode, I only saw it two nights ago. Vincent was just such a great character... and so sad when Amy realized he commited suicide anyway.

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