Award for me!

Better late than never I am proud to accept this award.  I have been awarded the same award by a couple of people.  It is "A Blog With Substance" award.  Thank you, thank you, it feels so good to have substance.

So on to the award games:

Thank you to Dan, Mikey and Scrappy.

My blog: Global therapy for the Soul

10 worthy blogs:


Anonymous said...

Congrats Midnite!! I wonder if that little goober over at ashardofchaos has even noticed she won an award.

She is a dolt sometimes, ya know. But I have to like her because we are related.

Just kidding, I don't like her.......I luff her.....

...just like I luff you!!

You rock it, girl!

The Author is Unknown said...

Congratulations Mrs Midnite.

I really don't have much idea about all these awards and things, but I would agree that your blog deserves an award for substance. I really like this blog.

Thank you very much for mentioning my blog as a worthy blog. It means alot to me that my little scribblings would rate in your mind as being worthy.

Miss Melicious said...

Thank you!! Thank you!! Thank you!!!

Mrs Midnite said...

Aww Thanks Amber and Author, I love both your blogs for very different reasons!

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