Curiosity burns the eyes!

I know I'm nosey, worse than average, I like to know things and this sometimes gets me into trouble. After all curiosity killed the cat. Not that I'm a cat but I'm definitely curious!

I suspect that there is a curiosity centre in the brain. If this does exist it will be shaped like a question mark. The argument has been made that this part of the brain will be larger in women than in men. This is not true, the size of this area can vary in both men and women, it just functions slightly differently due to the effects of hormones.

People with an under-developed curiosity centre have little or no desire to learn new things, they are ideally suited to menial production line type work. They are unlikely to be suspicious and are not likely to join in with gossip (see correlation between the curiosity and gossip centres of the brain Midnite and Midnite 2010).

In men the curiosity centre generally acts under the influence of testosterone. For reasons not yet understood this seems to direct the persons curiosity towards the inner workings of mechanical and technological items. This can lead to the desire to open things up to see how they work. Many advances in the scientific world have been made by men with over sized curiosity centres.

In women the curiosity centre is strongly influenced by estrogen's, this seems to direct the curiosity towards the activities of other people. This is probably an evolutionary trait designed so that women care for their families. The fluctuating levels of estrogen's can however put the curiosity centre into over drive which can cause problems.

Due to the complexities of brain chemistry there are a lot of other factors involved which can influence the direction of the curiosity centre so you do see variations on the general guideline above.

The curiosity centre can be either depressed or stimulation by the introduction of alcohol. It is one of the little discussed risks of drinking.

One of the things that triggers the curiosity centre of my brain is the humble mobile phone. It sits on the table buzzing and singing and is filled with secret samples of someone else's life. I have a near irresistible urge just to pick up phones and see what they hold. This is particularly bad when it comes to Mr Midnite's constantly beeping phone but it is a pretty general urge.

Recently there was an incident that has curbed my mobile phone curiosity for now. I have a few friends who don't care if I look at their phones, so I do! I was happily reading through a guy friends multiple texts from various girls when I opened a picture message with the caption "thought you'd like a copy of your first cum shot". After I had clawed my eyes out I decided that curiosity could perhaps kill more than just the cat.


Anonymous said...

Ahahahhaahha, that would not have been a nice thing to see on the phone!

Miss Melicious said...

curiousity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought him back! nice post!

Anonymous said...

I am totally digging the pictures with this post! They are completely awesome!

Mrs Midnite said...

:) pictures were stolen from a google search, I tried hard to snap next doors cat with a mobile phone but it refused to cooperate.

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