The dog in the kitchen

So for reasons that are now a mystery to me I offered to look after a friends dog for a long weekend. You will see soon that this is the reason for the slightly longer than normal gap between posts.

Poppy was handed over after work on Wednesday, I had met her a couple of weeks ago so we did know her. On meeting her I thought I had got confused about her breed, she is supposed to be a Cocker Speniel. This is what I though a cocker looked like:

Turns out that's an American Cocker Spaniel, they are the most common type of cocker so I googled Cocker Spaniel images and found that there is an English Cocker Spaniel:

Still not convinced that Poppy is strictly a cocker of either type but she's only a year old so perhaps she will turn into one soon.

Anyway to get to the point, not long after I got my two dogs a guy at work decided he would get a dog for the family. They decided on a spaniel and ended up with a cocker (?) spaniel. I had suggested going to puppy classes and gave them a dog training book I bought as a refresher when I got my dogs.

I have heard some stories about the difficulties he has had with Poppy, basically chewing things and some toilet training issues. When I offered to puppy sit I considered these things but I have dogs just out of puppyhood, I can deal with these normal puppy problems.

So the dog arrived totally stressed and bouncing off the walls. We (thats me and my furry girls) took her out for a long walk to use up some energy and give them a chance to get used to each other. Didn't really work, even at bedtime she was still barking and crying.

Following day I started with an hour walk, nipped home at lunchtime for a quick half hour walk and then after work took the three of them out on a trek. 3 hours walking and still this dog has bounce. My pair were exhausted.

Next day was similar but took them to the beach after work and let them race around chasing a ball, birds, waves etc. She was slightly more chilled after that.

Today has been roasting in Scotland, too hot for dogs. So, I filled the puppy paddling pool and took their toys outside so they could run around and splash in the water. I had planned a long walk tonight but the weather turned and we have thunder storms. So I've had a spaniel bouncing off my walls since about 6.30 when it cooled down.

My list of issues with Poppy are:
1) She bites, not savagely but when playing she uses her teeth and isn't gentle. OK all puppies do this but all my dogs have stopped before 6 months because it's something I just won't risk. Poppy is a year and she lives with children.
2) She either doesn't understand English or has only learned 3 words. I can get her to sit, come and she knows her name. She doesn't know stay, down, off, quiet, out, leave etc etc.
3) She barks if she doesn't get her own way
4) She doesn't understand signals from other dogs
5) She is seemingly impossible to tire

And the reason she is in the kitchen, she just bit my hand. Not badly but she has left marks. What did I do to deserve this? I tried to stop her from climbing over my shoulders to try to drink my cup of tea. How rude!

She goes home tomorrow, can't wait.


The Muller said...

I guess Poppy doesn't get a return visit.

Mrs Midnite said...

I would say no! Its sad really, she is sweet but needs more training to get some dog manners!

DanWins said...

almost as bad as a two yr old teething. LOL
glad she goes home soon.

fizzee rascal said...

Sounds like she's suffering from Canine separation anxiety.And she appears not to have been socialised properly, shame.

Mrs Midnite said...

Definitely not socialised properly or trained for that matter. Not sure about separation anxiety, one of mine gets that and this was different, more just attention seeking and bad doggy manners I think. She was the same when I took her home, just kept barking all the time I was there.

Anonymous said...

Some dogs just don't have manners. Manners have to be taught. My dogs are mannered, and I can't stand it when others are not.

Thank your lucky stars it is over now.

Mrs Midnite said...

Yeah just hope my dogs are better mannered than she is. I think they are but I may be blinded by my affection.

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