Fancy that? No not really.

It is my cousin's daughter's 18th birthday party on Saturday night and I am invited.  Suspect this is to ensure I come up with the cash present. 

So apart from the fact that I have to drag myself and the girls over 100 miles to go to a party in a bar I have managed to avoid entering for almost 35 years I now hear it is fancy dress.  Woo hoo - not. 

Fancy dress is for parties with friends preferably house parties.  Not family parties!  Can't imagine my gran and dad getting dressed up.  I think there will be a bunch of 18 year olds in fancy dress at one end of the room and a crowd of family in normal clothes at the other.  I will be in the toilets taking off my costume cos trying to mix with the 18 year olds may make me look like I'm trying too hard.

I've done fancy dress, I was a cat once, best party ever ever ever.  I was a cool cat, couldn't actually do much with my nail claws but  looked good.  I've been the Munro woman - ooh boo be do, did a good Star Trek party once with facial enhancements to make me Bjoran.  All good fun involving quite a lot of alcohol.  If there was a fancy dress party involving a group of my friends I would put in loads of effort and planning and have a great time.   It's not so much the fancy dress as the family party / fancy dress combo.

Plus the short notice, not sure I can come up with a costume between now and Saturday while I'm at work and just before payday.  Therefore the choices of available costume are Gorilla, M&M, clown or Roman. 

Thinking M&M is the winner here.  It's roasting in the UK so gorilla is out for heat purposes, trust me all that hair is hot.  Clown, just not my thing I don't really like clowns.  Roman, well it is a good costume for a man but revealing for a woman.   So giant blue chocolate here I come.  Perhaps I'll tell you all about it, will be cheaper than therapy to get over the experience!


DanWins said...

Problem with the M&M is that if the kids get to toasted they may mistake you for a Real M&M.

Now that would be a story!

French Bean & Coffee Bean said...

I don't know how "hot" it is for you (it's a breezy 35 C for me), but wouldn't the M&M still make it hot to wear? If you went for the Roman look, you could wear a long, white dress with some gold headgear or something.

-French Bean

Mrs Midnite said...

Well its a positively chilly 23oC in Scotland today compared to you but warm for us. The M&M has the advantage of being easy to remove and carry. Am still considering!

Anonymous said...

thats odd to have a fancy dress party in a bar...did anyone else notice Mrs Midnite=M.M
or is it only me entertained by that?

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