Threats and abuse for the ASBO dogs

It's now 5 and a half hours since the latest ASBO dog incident and I'm still pretty upset and stressed about it.  I thought I would share the new installment for anyone still reading.  Sorry to bore you all but they are my babies and this mess is doing my head in.

So just before 4 today the dogs were fast asleep and I needed to go outside for a minute.  As soon as I opened the door the girls appeared and made a break for freedom.  They needed the toilet and shot down the stairs to go out (0 to peeing in less than 60 seconds).  I followed them and once toilets were finished I shouted them to come back in, no chance the taste of freedom was to much.

Typically in a toast falling butter side down way the little fur balls ran straight down the path to scared boys house.  Star was actually going into his stairs, I think she was planning to visit.  I didn't see the kid but of course his dad was hanging out of the kitchen window smoking and immediately started shouting:

"You've been told"
"They got out, I'm taking them back" I replied, I think quite politely
"If I see those dogs again I'm going to kill them"
It then descended into him swearing and threatening me and the dogs. I told him I was going to call the police and he said go on then and I'll tell them how you f**king dogs are terrorising my son.

My neighbour (from the flat opposite mine in my block) heard him shouting and walked along and started having a go back at him, she said that the dogs were not threatening or aggressive and that he should deal with his son's phobia.  He turned on her and said

"Have you got children?" (Yes, two son's in their late teens / early 20s)
"You've got grandchildren, how would you feel if they were frightened"
My neighbour responded, "they aren't frightened, anyway you have a dog yourselves."
"We haven't have a dog for years, since before he was born." Was the blokes response.  "You should mind your own business."

I walked back home with my neighbour, Star under my arm and Sasha following.  She has told me before that the kid that is so scared is actually a bully, he pushed her husband's grandchild over and stole her shoes.  I see where the kid gets his bullying habits from. 

I called the police when I got home and they said they would send someone out.  After an hour or so two police women arrived on my doorstep.  I think I was pretty honest.  I explained that their kid is terrified of dogs and that they had scared him once by running up to him, this was when the dad had first abused me.  From then on I had mostly kept my dogs on leads but there was a second incident when I let Star off because a toddler wanted to walk Sasha.  That led to them complaining to me and then calling the police.

I explained that I understand he is frightened and have done my best to avoid him by taking the dogs out the other side of the house and keeping them on leads most of the time.  I told them that I let them out without leads first thing in the morning (6 to 6.30am) and late at night because I think it is unlikely that the child will be out.  I also said that they are going to daily training classes because I am aware that they don't always listen but that they are not in any way aggressive or threatening. 

I also said that the problem was partly my fault because since the dogs were small I have allowed them to play with the local children and that now they love children and always want to play.  The dogs don't understand that this one child is frightened. 

I said that this was an accident and that I went to get the dogs straight away.  I told them I was annoyed with the dogs because they didn't come when called but that I didn't intentionally let them run around.

I am really annoyed with the dogs, £300 and counting plus getting up at 6 and spending loads of time on training for them to totally ignore me when it matters.  At the classes they come when called every time.  So frustrating but it is because they saw some children and wanted to play.  I need children distractions at the class.

I said to the police that I feel as though this family are now watching me and that I have seen them watching out of the window when I am going back and forwards to my car.  The kid runs away when he sees me regardless of whether the dogs are with me or not.  He shouts for his mum and she comes to the window and watches me.  The dad stopped one day when he was getting in his car and watched me go from my car to flat before continuing with what he was doing.  I think this is harassment.  Added to this the threats on Star and Sasha lives I am totally fed up with the whole situation. 

I have lived here for 7 years, I loved it here.  I get on with my neighbours, it's quiet, pretty central, good bus route, near work and my flat is great.  Now I just want to move but I can't afford to.  If I was renting I would just move but I have a mortgage and have pretty much just finished updating the flat.

The police said they would speak to this guy about his threatening behaviour and attitude.  They agreed that I am doing everything right and thought that letting them off their leads when the child is unlikely to be out was acceptable.  I hope that getting a warning from the police will stop him but I suspect it will make him worse.

I have a number of thoughts and suggestions from people some very unreasonable:
- My brother says he will come up with a borrowed Rottweiler and sit outside the guys house to see if he says anything.  When he sees him he wants to ask if he is going to come out and kill his dog.
- My dad would like to come up and have a chat with this guy.
- Mr Midnite is going to start taking the dogs for walks past their house and see if the guy has the guts to say anything to him (hasn't so far).  I don't want to wind Mr Midnite up with this because although I never see it he has got a temper and I don't want him getting in trouble.
- Boy best friend has said he will come round and walk the dogs.
- I am considering getting a Rhodesian Ridgeback or similar as a body guard for the wee ones.  Try killing one of the without a shotgun.
- There are numerous rough and dodgy people that I know for my dark years who would happily show the guy what it's like to be frightened to go out but I'm not the type to do that sort of thing.
- I am thinking of asking my dog trainer how much it would be to do a session here because the dogs act differently near home to anywhere else that we go.
- I am going to start keeping a note of anything that happens (most of the events are blogged anyway) and if it doesn't stop now I am going to find a lawyer and see what action I can take.
- I am going to make sure all my neighbours know that he has threatened to kill the dogs.  I don't see why I should keep my mouth shut when he was yelling his intentions out of the window, all the kids heard anyway.

I have to say if anything happens to my dogs I will be devastated and I will never forgive this family.  There is a good chance I will bite the child myself.  My dogs might be a bit excitable but they are friendly and harmless.  We haven't done anything to deserve this treatment. 

So angry about this whole messy situation I just really don't know what to do.  I think I need to speak to my doctor because this sort of stress could easily make me ill.  I have been OK recently but I stay that way by avoiding stress and too much of anything.  I deal with stress at work by keeping my home life calm, I do so many things and avoid a lot of other things to keep calm and balanced.  I've cried loads today, my dogs are a lot of the reason I can cope and I can't stand the idea of them getting hurt or taken away.  I am probably starting to sound like I am over reacting but I am feeling like I can't go out without this family watching me, waiting for another mistake so they can attack.  Am I getting paranoid?


CkretsGalore said...

I think they are a candidate for charging with harassment. For which I would want to obtain a lawyer.

Document everything you can with these rotten bastards behaviour.

This is just not right, causing you so much stress in your own home.

I do hope you get some reinforced karma!!!

PS, my captcha is en-dog-ier!

#1Nana said...

I hope you're feeling better now. i agree that the stress is not good for your health.

In the future if he makes threats call the police but don't give the whole dog history...just report the current threat. Make sure you express that you don't feel safe. Even if your dogs are misbehaving, there is no excuse for attacking you.

I hope you get your safe haven back...maybe they'll get hit by a bus!

fizzee rascal said...

I hope you realise you've done nothing wrong here at all. The guy is just trying to bully you because you're a woman.

The Author is Unknown said...

I understand how you must feel. If anybody ever hurt (or threatened to hurt) my beautiful 4-legged furry son, I can't even say what I'd do them on here....I'd kill them in a violent and offensive way, I swear.
I'm not sure what you should do. Part of me wants to tell you to kill them in a violent and offensive way, but the sensible part of me says get the Police very involved so he will be scared out of doing anything.
Hugs to you and the little girls xxx

Just Plain Tired said...

Neighbors like that are a pain in the @$$. I have no time for people like that and honestly he needs someone to knock him on his butt. But that's just me. ;)

CkretsGalore said...

I agree with Nana!

Definitely call the police. Any verbal threats like that should not be taken lightly.

Bloody bullies.

Mrs Midnite said...

Yeah he's a bully, I noticed he was at his kitchen window watching me when I went to pick Mr Midnite up from work last night, it was close to midnight so can only assume it was chance he was standing there. I'm just going to ignore him from now on nd not even answer if he starts yelling, I will just call the police if he threatens me and find a lawyer if it continues.

Thank you so much for all your comments, it really helps!

DanWins said...

Seeing as I am far across the big pond, I really can't do anything but I can easily imagine what your Brother, Father, Mr. Midnite, and your Past friends might do in order to "Resolve" the issue. Because their actions would more than likely be very similar to what I am Thinking.

If it gets to that do not hesitate to call them and get their assistance. Sometimes bullies need to be "Defanged".

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