Bad Hair Year!

Hands up how many people have gone and had a perm at some stage in their lives?

Somewhere around the age of 13 I decided this was a great idea.  Lots of girls at school were turning up with sophisticated looking spirally waves of hair and I thought that this was the solution to my boring, dull brown, perfectly straight and fine head of hair.  A perm will add body I thought, it is the answer to all my hair trauma.  So the idea was suggested to my mum who I'm sorry to say did nothing to prevent it.

Around that time one of the major stars in the soap Eastenders was:

Roly the dog.

Can you see where this is going?  Yes, not for me the glamorous spiralling waves of hair, no my hair went with the tight curl, frizzy poodle look.  Many of the cruel children at school, more often referred to as friends, noted the similarity between myself and Roly.  Oh how we laughed. 

They were in fact wrong, Roly is clearly a blond, I'm a brunette.  My hair looked more like this:

So I tried the obvious and attempted to brush it out, leading to this look:

Yeah I rocked that look!  My next attempt at disguising the Roly hair and avoiding the ridicule of my peers was to scrape the curls into a pony tail.  Although in fairness I think that in my case it should be renamed the poodle tail:

For weeks I went to school with my head looking surprisingly like a Poodle's butt.  Finally in desperation I bought a home perm and slapped all the solution on my hair.  I combed it through onto a piece of clingfilm and then wrapped more cling film round my head trying to keep it as straight as possible.  30 minutes later straight but slightly frizzy hair was returned. 

Never again will I be tempted by the sophisticated looking curls, I have learned my lesson.


Just Plain Tired said...

No perm here, ever. But then I'm not sure that many guys go that route. ;)

Iron Criterion said...

Ah unlucky, damn blondes always have it easy.

#1Nana said...

Yeah, me too. I wish I could say it was a decision I made in my teens...nope I was an adult. I put Angela Davis to shame with my afro.

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