Ghostly Goings On Part II

A spooky experience I had in the early 90s when I was about 16.  I had a good friend at the time called Jill, she was really into rock music and had embraced the whole Goth life style.   I liked some of the same music but not everything she liked, we both loved a good vampire story but she could get a bit macabre.

She wanted to go to a spiritualist church so asked me to go along with her. I hadn't been anywhere like that before and didn't really know what to expect but thought it might be a laugh.  So off we went on a Monday night.  The church was a corrugated iron hall at one side of a big field in the centre of town.  We got there to find that the majority of the congregation were pensioners.  There were 3 or 4 people sitting at the front and then a few rows of mismatched chairs in a semi circle.  We took some seats in the second row just off to one side.

The meeting / service whatever you would call it started with a prayer and then the people at the front started giving people messages "from the other side".  I wasn't really very comfortable in the meeting because I was freezing, I had goose-bumps and was close to shivering.  During the break I spoke to the ladies we were sitting next too and one of them said something strange. 
"If you feel you have something to say you should just speak out." 
I just said "OK, I will." 
Later in the break Jill said she heard the woman say, "she definitely has a message but doesn't want to share."

Jill asked me if I had a message.  No, I told her that I had a song stuck in my head, I thought I must have heard it before I left the house.  This was the song:

Towards the end an old man focused on me and said "you have a strong spirit guide with you, she is protecting you from harm."

I was a bit shocked to be picked out but probably just gave a nervous smile. He went on to say that The guide wasn't a relative but an oriental girl who had drowned.  He said that I had a experience where I could have drowned (which I did) and that this spirit had protected me.  He said that I should listen to my guide.

Not long after that a lady stood up and said she had a message but wasn't sure who it was for, she said she had a young woman from the spirit world who had taken her own life. She mentioned that there was a strong Scottish influence.  Someone said that might be for them.  She went on to say that the girl had a difficult life and couldn't see any way out but to take her own life.  She wanted to apologise for all the pain she had caused but that she needed to end the abuse.  The lady said that she thought this was her niece and that she had shot herself.  None of the family understood why she had done it, they knew she was unhappy but thought it was just teenage moods. 

If you know the Aerosmith song story (or just watched the video) you might see some similarities between that and what was said about this woman.  By this point I was shivering, it was absolutely freezing.  I had an urge to say something but I never did, I don't think it would have been right.

When we stood up to leave I noticed that there was a gas heater just behind where we were sitting, Jill had felt warm through the whole meeting.  This freaked me out so much that I never went back.  No amount of begging from Jill would make me, she persuaded some other friends to go instead.


Just Plain Tired said...

I don't think I'd have gone back either.

Miss Melicious said...

creepy. I love hearing these sorts of stories!

Mustang Sally said...

eerie that

DustinSaysImsure! said...

Awkwarddd! Haha...
I have a question for you, and I'm sorry to say this, but how did you get your blog background? I love the way the clouds move! :D

Mrs Midnite said...

Dustin I searched blogger templates and looked through them until I found one I liked. I think it was from somewhere like but there are loads out there.

kendra30752 said...

OH MY! That is outrageous! By the way, I love aerosmith! lol :) this is an amazing story! You should think about really turning it into a short story and having it published. I know it would be a story Id LOVE to see in print!

The Blogger Formerly Known As said...

My sister occasionally goes to a spiritualist church and tells me all about it; she’s so at home with that kind of thing. Personally, I know it would freak me out, so I stay well away.
The enigmatic, masked blogger

French Bean & Coffee Bean said...

That is so messed up, Mrs Midnite. I wouldn't have gone back either!!!

(Plus, when you mentioned that Jill was into the whole Goth style and that the people in the circle were old-timers, the image that I got of a Goth girl sitting among grandparent figures made me laugh out loud.)

-French Bean

DanWins said...

Never underestimate your inner feelings/"Gut".
I have always thought of a "gut" feeling as a heads up from somewhere out in No Mans Land.

In a situation like that - Just go with the flow worst case is they all think you are a "Nut" but then again Look whose talking at that point and you will realize you aren't as bad off as you think.


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