Letters the challenge update

Continuing the attempt to write letters to people in my life for blog eyes only as described in the letters challenge post.  Letter number 3 is to your parents and I've been trying to write it for a while.  It's hard, the whole challenge is actually harder than I expected.

Today I was watching a reality TV show, Tough Love where a match maker attempts to help some women overcome their relationship issues.  I've never seen this before but was flicking through the channels earlier and got sucked in to this program.  The women were asked to write letters to their Daddies, he said that every woman has Daddy issues and that until these are resolved they will colour their relationships with other men.  Interesting!

My counsellor has told me repeatedly that I need to learn to deal with my issues with my Dad, that once I can deal with him I will be able to deal with anyone.  The Tough Love guy thinks writing a letter even if the Dad doesn't read it should help.  So I'm going to try to give letter number 3 another try.

There are some others I'm thinking might cause me issues too!


Paige said...

good luck! i think you can do it.

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