Ouch, ouch, ooowe

I'm in pain in case you wondered.

Not a clue what I've done but for most of today I have had a pain in my left shoulder and up into my neck.  It wasn't there when I first got up, before the sun did, to go to asbo rehabilitation.  I don't think it was there when I dropped my car off at the garage for its service.  It was there at work and has stayed. 

I suspect it was caused by carrying my laptop on the long car-less trip to work.

It hurts!  I try not to take painkillers because I used to get so many headaches I could end up taking them all the time so I decided to only take them for really painful things.  I have had to take them today, I want to cry it is so sore.

I'm trying to think of something that might help.  I have a microwave dog hot non-water bottle which is coming to bed with me.  But think I might need to go for a massage or something to try to get it fixed.  Any excuse for some pampering.  Wonder what else I can try:

I think this acupuncture might be working!


Mustang Sally said...

Acupressure might work, if you knew the points to press, which I don't unfortunately. Long, hot as you can stand it shower - pulsating, if you have that type shower head is my usual go to remedy in that type situation. Massage is great if you can afford it or have someone around talented in that area.

I was going to take another stab at guessing your element but wanted to read some of your archives first. Then I got interrupted and haven't gotten back to it.

I only got through the first couple of months, but I'm going to take a more specific stab at it and say probably Scorpio. I see more water than anything and although it may be Cancer it seems more fixed to me and also there's a strength there common to Pluto types.

I still gotta think that you have some fire influence somewhere in your chart though, maybe your Mars in a fire sign, or your rising sign because all that energy has to come from somewhere. Ever had your chart done?

French Bean & Coffee Bean said...

Maybe Mr Midnite can give you a massage? Or maybe you can try some yoga exercises to relieve the stiffness?

-Barb the French Bean

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