Arrrrgh online shopping

I'm trying really, really hard to buy a pair of fantastic sounding jeans that allegedly tuck your tummy in and lift ya butt!

They are NYDJ (Not Your Daughters Jeans) and don't seem to be stock in that many places, none in the Edinburgh shops as far as I can tell so turned to the vast possibilities of online shopping.

So here I am on a Saturday night bank card in hand ready to pay the massive amount of £100 for these miracle jeans.  Is there anyone out on the world wide web prepared to take my hard earned pennies?  Apparently not. is unable to find my address so can't do a credit check so I can't register therefore I can't buy.  Littlewoods direct (actually the same company) managed to find my address but no flat number but they charge £20 extra per item if you want to pay without opening an account.  Don't fancy them doing a credit check on my name for the whole block of six flats and not keen on paying £40 more. 

Additions, allowing me to pay with my card, finds my address without the flat number, delivers in the evening but when I try to complete the transaction some sort of cross verification thing means my computer won't let it finish.  Some fiddling later and finally I have placed an order and paid.  Only to get a notification saying my order will be confirmed once they have completed checks. 

I think it is a conspiracy to stop me getting my new jeans and looking a size smaller!


The Blogger Formerly Known As said...

Oh, you must let us know if they work, supposing you finally get some!
The enigmatic, masked blogger strikes again

Mrs Midnite said...

I will win this war, I need miracle jeans. I think a friend has an account so will work something out!

DanWins said...

Good Luck -- and You Just have to get us a picture of you in your monkey outfit and new jeans when you finally do get them.

Oh, and when you get a chance I need your input on my last post love.

Laters and have a good night

Just Plain Tired said...

I've never ordered anything online. My paranoia about credit card theft/fraud just won't allow me to do it. Irrational I know, but that's just me. Hopefully you get the jeans and they're everything you expect them to be.

Miss Melicious said...

ooo...yeah, I've heard of these jeans! You'll have to let us know if they work the magic that they say they do!

MsTuffGong said...

Its fate telling you that its crazy spending £100 on a pair of jeans!!!

French Bean & Coffee Bean said...

The other solution could just be to work out a little more, too.

PERHAPS there *is* a shop that carries these miracle jeans and you only have to walk to the store! You never know...

-Barb the French Bean

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