Tattoo Trouble

I sort of want a tattoo but the road to body design is paved with problems.  I'm not sure if I will ever be able to make a decision on what and where to permanently colour myself!

First issue is the what.  This is going to be on me for ever, it takes me ages to decide what to wear on a morning.  So careful consideration is required:

Anything with words is dodgy in case of an illiterate tattoo artist:

I also worry that tattoo man might get carried away and forget to stop:

I guess I'm thinking that it just won't look right:

Like seriously my dogs with some coloured pens could draw a better panther and WTF is that unicorn doing?

The other worry is that I pick something that dates really quickly or that I hate after 6 months. 

Remembering the various tattoo fashions I have seen through the years that I sort of liked - dolphins, butterflies, devils moving on the Chinese symbols and tribal designs.  I think you can kind of tell when a tat was done if they fall into one of the fashion tattoo areas:

I'm not sure I'd still love Flipper now although I did really like them about 15 years ago.  I suppose not sticking to the fashion but getting something that appeals specifically to you is the secret.  I need to watch out in this too because a lot of the tattoos I see and think wow are really more for men:
I have always had a thing about dragons so have strongly considered getting one of those. Slight issue with that because Mr Midnite has a black dragon already and I suspect people would think I got one to match. His and hers tattoos!

So if I narrow down to things that actually mean something to me am I considering a cavalier tattoo?  Well it would be original because even the power of Google can't find one:

Actually I have it narrowed it down to a dragon, something with a Star and a Sash or some sort of flowery thing:

So with the what in progress I have to consider the where?  I want something I can hide if needed and reveal when I want to.  I think I also want something I can see.  Some places that have been withdrawn from discussion because they don't fit these requirements:
The head or face -
Anything around this area -
The back, partly because I can't see it and party because the lower back ones are now known as slag tags -
Don't fancy anything on my stomach, not my favourite body part and I would hate to see it stretch if I got pregnant or just fat.  Not really wanting anything on my upper arms of legs either and anything on my chest is totally out, best feature does not need anything added -

Have I left anything?  Oh yes, sides, wrists, hands, ankles and feet.  Not much to choose between so why can't I decide?

Any suggestions or advice will be appreciated and I promise if I ever make a decision I'll share.


#1Nana said...

Nooooooo! Don't do it. My daughter got a hedgehog...two babies later it looks like a big blue birthmark.

fizzee rascal said...

Do some research about a good local tattoist, then go and speak to them. They'll be helpful and let you get what's right for you.

Ankle, foot (painful!) and shoulder blade would most likely be the best spots for you.

MsTuffGong said...

My advice would be only get one when you're 100% positive what you want and where you want it.... It's pointless getting one if you're not really sure as you will probably live to regret it!

MsTuffGong said...

Defo only get one when you're 100% positive where and where you want it. Don't do until then or you will most probably live to regret it :)

Carmi said...

I've seen too many cases of tattoo remorse. Thirty years on, few things look worse than a weathered old piece of inked skin.

Besides, I'm afraid of needles :)

rcollins said...

Tattoos are a great way to express yourself. Make sure you chose wisely!

Anonymous said...

I personally LOVE tattoos.

This post was great.

I love that last one myself.

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