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While I haven't been back to a spiritual church meeting since I was in my mid teens I have occasional encountered a psychic, other than vague suggestions of personality and relationships they haven't ever said anything that has astounded me. Other members of my family either seem to attract or seek out psychic types and therefore I have an interesting collection of things that have been said that are a bit strange.

My Aunt went through a phase of visiting a spiritual church after her mum died. She had noticed at home that two of her clocks kept stopping at the time her mother died and could smell lavender occasionally. This made her think her mum was still around so she went hoping for a message. Her mum had been ill for a long time, cancer and later some sort of Alzheimer's type memory loss. It was very sad and could be distressing but at times she could be unintentionally very funny. She was a lovely lady and kept her humour throughout her illness so was able to laugh at her own antics when she realised what she had said or done.
Amongst the many messages my aunt got where some that have stuck in my mind, she was told:

"You have a knee in a draw?" She had her knee cap removed and had kept it, it was in fact in a draw in her bedroom, she swears there is no way anyone could have known this.

"Hickory, Dickory, Dock, the mouse ran up the clock" A nursery rhyme her mum used to keep saying while she was ill, there was no reason for it.

"Do you have a son in the spirit world?" No she didn't. "I am been shown an image of someone climbing out of a bedroom window and running away, it is definitely a male in spirit." My Aunt had a dog called Fred who used to unlatch the bedroom (first floor) windows, jump out and run away. She would be sitting down stairs and would see him land and head off down the street. She had moved since Fred died so didn't think anyone there would have known about this.

She was also told that her mum was making her presence known so that she could feel the love that was there. I don't know if this is true but it probably made her feel better.

My Dad gives off some sort of come and speak to me vibe while walking down the street and often gets stopped by people who will give him things or chat to him. It's not the buy some white heather thing, we were walking around London one day while I lived there when a very very old gypsy lady came over to him and gave him a good luck charm. She stood talking to him telling him all sorts of random things. She said he had two children one who was academically clever (me) but that the other was more intelligent (my brother). I still haven't gotten over this!

He had another lady approach him in a similar way when he was on holiday, he really thought he had been set up by his friends or something. She knew so much about him, predicted that his mum would have another heart attack in amongst other health issues but that she would be fine, that all happened. Told him he would buy a new house and move within the next 6 months which he did. Described his personality so well it was scary. Told him things he hadn't known about his grandfather and great uncles. He was really quite shaken by the accuracy of what she said.

My Dad is a big guy, he has always had a manual job and isn't really the type I would expect to believe in the supernatural but due to a number of events over the years he is a strong believer that there are people who somehow are in contact with spirits. Although not the clincher I think one of the deciders was been told many years ago that he would spend his later years living with a woman who wasn't his wife and have two children with her. At the time he was happily married with two children and laughed this off. Now he does live with a woman who isn't his wife and they have two children. My mum and dad got divorced but ended up back together.

Anyway not so much a ghost story just a few oddities. What do you think, can people contact the dead? Have you had any strange messages?


DanWins said...

Isn't it strange how some of that stuff can be so accurate to people you have No connection with what-so-ever!?!????

Now, as for Halloween Scary?!?!?!?!?!

Living in one of the (supposedly) most Haunted Places in the World (Edinburgh (hope I spelled it right)) Mrs. Midnite you need to give us something RREEEAAALLLLYYYYY SPOOKY from there.


Have a good one


klahanie said...

Hi there,
A very interesting and thought provoking posting with some fascinating points to ponder. It does make you wonder.
I do try to keep an open mind about such things. However, and slightly off topic, many years ago in Vancouver, my Mother and the rest of the family were sitting in the living room. Suddenly my Mother let out this really loud scream. On her leg was a rather large red marking of what appeared to be the shape of a withered claw-like hand. This is true story and it has puzzled us to this very day. It never happened again.
Hope you have a nice weekend.
With respect and kindness, Gary

The Blogger Formerly Known As said...

My sister, Rachel, went to a spiritualist church a few weeks ago, and came back saying that our late grandmother had been there. Rachel was wearing one of gran’s old rings, which apparently gran wanted to know the reason for. And, she apparently made remarks about the way Rachel was dressed (which she always did in life).

Now, Rachel wants to go on a medium course. I asked why she was setting her standards so low, why doesn’t she go for a first class course?
The enigmatic, masked blogger

Karritte said...

Not too sure about the contact with the dead, but my dad is also a very firm beliver.
He once had a girlfriend to died in his arms when she was crossing the road to his house, he swears that he saw her many times after.... Then again, I think that grief can do many things to a person.
I know I haven't had anything supernatural happen to me.....

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