Douche Bag of the month

My bloggy friend Scrappy always does a douche bag of the month but I really really don't agree with her October bag of douche so I see her douche bag and raise her a Geordie douche bag of astounding proportions:

Yes, Mrs Midnite's very first (and probably only) douche bag of the month is Cheryl Cole.

The reasons are many and not least the travesty that is her single fight for this love complete with weird pants uniform and seriously bad miming.

But that is not the reason why I am douche bagging her, the reason is her really, really, really bad decision in the girls group of the x-factor.

These were her choices:

So which of these girls did the idiot Cheryl send home?
1) The girl who has consistently performed well and managed to sing and remember her words at all stages of the competition.
2) The girl who wowed then in the first rounds but couldn't sing in this final stage
3) The girl who has forgotten her words and given pretty poor performances during at least two stages.

You guessed yet, Cheryl the douche bag put through girls 2 and 3.  I can only assume that she was in awe of the ability of someone so young who could perform so well and consistently.  Perhaps she didn't fancy the competition in the singles charts next year?

Simon can we kick Cheryl off the x-factor and bring back Sharon or one of the guest judges that stepped in while Cheryl was sick.  Seriously Cheryl has no idea.  I hadn't planned to watch x-factor this year because the majority of the acts make me want to stick knives in my ears but as usual the car crash TV has sucked me in and now there will be no escape until I am forced to compulsively buy a Megadeath single to keep one of these monsters from getting the Christmas number 1. 

Did you see Must be the Music, real talent judged by people with real talent, the way forward I think!


Just Plain Tired said...

I'm going to have to trust you on this one. This type of show, with all other "reality" type shows, does little for me. But the passage of lesser acts warrants your condemnation, and stuff. ;)

fizzee rascal said...

If you watch that shite you deserve to have MS Cole screeching at you.

But I do agree. :)

Iron Criterion said...

Sheh will always be a douchebag

When Ah wez watching the show Ah wez leik OK, Aa've had enough, Ahm gunna the bor .

Anonymous said...

I am HONORED you did a DOuchebag post.

Quite good if you ask me, even if I have never seen the show.

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