A swan kicked my butt

If you remember I decided to give yoga a try to help with my insomnia.  So last night I headed off to my first yoga class, this was a once a month workshop for Yin Yoga.  This is a different type of yoga with relatively easy poses held for much longer than normal.  I found all but one of the positions relatively easy although with my buzzing brain it is hard to stay still and not let my mind drift for 5 minutes.

After the class I felt quite energised but also calm.  I had a reasonably relaxed night and slept pretty well for a Sunday night after a weeks holiday.  This morning I do have a slight ache in my butt from the swan position or something like that.  You see where the blog title comes from now?

I start my beginners yoga course next weekend, it's Hatha Yoga so I think more main stream than this workshop but I have booked the next Yin class too. 

Here's hoping that all the positive benefits assigned to yoga are real.  I would like to think it can help me through the stress that I struggle with even though I am taking my tablets.


Anonymous said...

Damn, I think I am too fat for yoga. If I get on the floor I have a hard time getting up on my own.

Maybe that is because I am old too.

Shit, now I am depressed.

DanWins said...

My wife does something like that with her Wii program once every two weeks while doing all the other exercising but she has been talking about doing it more often as it seems to help her stretch more.

Good for you and the Relaxing and getting sleep.

Thanks for your ealier post and she will be looking at it all in about an hour (hoping to get a few more on there).

Vanilla Toast said...

Good luck, Mrs. Midnight! I hope you find the calm you're looking for; I hear from several friends that yoga helps them relax, much like how a jog in the morning is supposed to help you wake up and energize you during the day. Hoping the best for you! :)

CkretsGalore said...

I'm not that skilled in yoga but I do a routine just about every day. It really does have a positive effect. Keep it up!

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