Short bank rant

I'm currently trying to remortgage my flat while the interest rates are so low I thought I'd get a nice deal.  So I applied, got approved, valuation came back fine and that's the last I heard.  I had call the bank a few weeks ago and asked if everything was OK and it was fine.

So tonight I got home to find an e-mail from a "my conveyancer", I wasn't aware I had one and nearly deleted it.  The mail says:
New documents are ready for you to view in connection with your remortgage.

To view these documents please login to our Track Your Case facility at using the username and password previously supplied to you.

Once you have logged in please click on File History and then click on the icon under the Document column relating to the most recent documents
I haven't heard anything and definitely don't have a username and password.  I was kind of thinking this was spam and just coincidence that I am applying for a mortgage at the same time but thought I would call my bank and check.  Obviously the Mortgage Centre is only open when I'm at work so I call the customer services line and was pleasantly surprised to get through to a camp Scottish guy.  I usually get someone with about the same grasp of English as my dogs. 
The very nice but sadly unhelpful guy had a look at my notes but all it says is that they are waiting for information from me. 
So I'm happily expecting my mortgage to all be agreed by the end of July and my bank are sitting waiting patiently for information they haven't actually requested.  Lets assume they sent a letter I haven't received, I'm wondering how long they were planning to wait.  As it's my mortgage you'd think if I didn't respond they might just follow up.  They have my address, e-mail and 4 different phone numbers so it's not like they don't have options.
So I guess lesson learned, I'll give them a call every week now until it's all finalised.  I'm assuming the "my conveyancer" is also sitting wondering why they aren't hearing anything from me too. At least they sent a cryptic clue.


DanWins said...

Love, personally I would be calling them every single day if they have already had that much time.

Push and push frequently. As the old adage goes - "The Squeaky wheel gets the Grease"..... you keep contacting them and they will want to finish it as quickly as possible because they don't want to hear from you anymore other than to take your money.

And Thanks my Daughters first anything from anyone in Scotland.

fizzee rascal said...

Those call centre dudes are the worst. I got one a couple of days ago who told me his name was Winston Churchill

French Bean & Coffee Bean said...

Ugh. Every time I hear the words "mortgage," "bank," and "approval" I am forcibly reminded of my old job working in a title company. Dark, dark days...

My sympathies. --.--"

-French Bean

Anonymous said...

Mortgage companies suck.

And that is coming from a foreclosure paralegal, so I know!!

Mrs Midnite said...

Yeah Mortgage companies suck. I got through to a woman who's english was basic at best and turns out it was the offer document they were waiting for but admitted they hadn't sent them. Plus the conveyencer thing was all the paper work for the money transfer.

Finally got everything, filled it in and had it witnessed. Just need to give them a day or two and start calling daily for progress reports.

Winston Churchill Fizzie, Lol. I worked with a Korean lady who was told to pick a western name to make it easier for us. I had some amusing dinner meetings with Madonna!

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