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Well Scrappy here are my answers, I had them before I saw your note so you get all the answers:

1. If you could spend the rest of your life doing only one thing, what would that be?

I think eating would be my first choice but that might make the rest of my life pretty short so I think i will go with reading while curled up in the sunny spot on my bed with the furry ones.  Is that more than one thing.

2. What is the best thing you can bake/cook: Umm cooking, baking yes I am aware of the idea.  I do good toast?  Actually I can cook a fab chilli, good lasagna, an African dish that I can't spell, I serve up a mean curry too but its from the local take away.

3. What household chore is your least favorite? Ironing, so I generally don't.
4. If you could bring three things to a deserted island, what would they be? Mr Midnite, Star and Sasha all equal for first place.
5. What's the next big thing you are thinking about splurging on? My credit card bill, woo hoo exciting!

6. Post a current photo, if you wish to be elusive, and abstract of closeup will do just fine.

8. If you could have ANY pet EVER, what/who would it be? I'm very happy with the furry people I have thank you :0)

1. Who is your favorite musician/band and why? Faithless because of the kick in Salva Mae and Insomnia and the great lyrics.

2. What celebrity annoys you the most and why? Tom Cruise, I don't know why he just does.

3. What has been your biggest letdown lately?  Spending too much when I had been trying to stay in control :0(  Not too bad considering!

4. Worse job you have ever had and why?  I was a dental nurse which was OK but worked in one place with the biggest A**hole dentist ever.  He thought he was great and was so not.  I eventually just called to say I wasn't going back even though the pay was pretty good.

6. Guilty pleasures? Spill.  Radley bags.  I have bought 5 recently.  See above answers :0(  Would you like to meet them?  OK then if you insist:

Plus the two I showed you in a recent post and a passport holder.  And I do feel guilty.

7. The last argument you had with someone - what was it about?  Trying hard to remember, I am not very confrontational.  Have an ongoing disagreement with Mr Midnite about the meaning of mediation but that's more debate than argument.  Possibly the daily fight of getting Star to stop barking when I get home.  If they don't count going back a long way a big argument with a psycho girl about why I was calling her boyfriend, because he's my brother!!!

8. What would be something you would NEVER do, even if someone paid you a shit ton of money?  Lots of things but I guess the extremes depend on how much money.  No not really I don't think I could ever kill anyone unless they were trying kill me.  In a debate at  work we had the would you have sex with a scruffy, smelly alcoholic tramp for a million pounds.  I say I couldn't. 

So that's my answers, if any of my lovely readers would like to take up the challenge feel free!


The Muller (Paul) said...

Hey, I just wanted to say nice pic and that Mr. M is a lucky man with a looker like you. And I noticed a thing with dogs and handbags, right?

DanWins said...

I'm not doing it again.

I have already done it myself.

Like your responses.

#1Nana said...

Love, love, love the bag with the panda! I am, however, on a spending diet. The reality is that I need nothing, but want everything. I'm trying to break my habit and live with less. I do pretty well until I go to visit the granddaughters and then I can't help but buy cute little dresses for them. I've even resisted going to yard sales. "I'm going to simplify my life by having less stuff," she mutters to herslf while shaking her head.

fizzee rascal said...

Nice pic, very flattering

Anonymous said...

HAHA!! I was going to comment that I love your pic, when I saw Paul already did. But then I started laughing because my eyes decieved me and I thought he wrote "Mr. M is a lucky man with a hooker like you" and NOT "looker".


French Bean & Coffee Bean said...

I *WANT* that panda bag! *WANTS*

-French Bean

Mrs Midnite said...

I am in love with the panda bag! I bidded on about 5 to get it!

Well Amber there was something I was meaning to say ............ Mr M is a lucky man. I mean have you seen me, I'm one hot monkey!

Yes Paul dogs and handbags, its a bit of a thing!

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