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I started this blog for a couple of reasons mostly related to my fab therapist. 

Firstly when I told him I wrote but it was rubbish he challenged me.  Rubbish was only my opinion because no one else had ever read anything I had written.  I started putting some bits on Bebo and got good feedback, this is a step up from that.  I haven't really reached the point where I could post on facebook and let my friends and family read this so it just between me and my followers :0)

Secondly after about 18 months I got discharged from my CBT therapy and while I know I'm doing great I need something to help me keep positive.  I guess each of my followers is in a way my substitute therapists.  There are things that I have never said to anyone that I know I need to deal with.  I can't say them out loud and never fully covered them in therapy.  So far I haven't written about them.  I realised that I am starting to get to know some of my bloggy friends and may reach the point where I can't write the difficult things in case it changes how you are with me.  The idea is that you don't know me so it shouldn't matter but online friendships are still friendships and I know that I can still care about someone I have never met and what they think.

I sort of know that it is silly to think you might all leave my blog if I write about something that is hard for me.  I don't really think that if I write something shocking you will have nothing more to do with Mrs Midnite.  BUT my little paranoid voice says what if they do?  What if they don't like you?  What if they think you are horrible?  So I thought I should get it over with and just write about the bad stuff. 

My blog is pretty anonymous but if someone who knows me sees it they would know it was me because of the dog blogs.  So far I have only met one of my followers in "real life", I know that one of my facebook friends reads sometimes but I only know her in the virtual world.  I suppose where I am going here is to ask if you do read my blog and meet me in real life you should be able to work out which posts are things I can't / don't talk about.  If you want to say something then comment but I'd appreciate it if you don't ask me in person.


Anonymous said...

My blog is therapy as well. I know what you are saying whole heartedly.

I will read anything you put out and will not think bad of you. I write about controversial things on my blog (religion for one seeing I live in the Bible belt and anti-religious is the biggest NO-NO). I would read it if I found out you had violent tendancies, if you told us you were gay, if you said you were a serial killer.....I would still follow you.

The deal breaker would be if you were a violent serial killer that only killed gay people....that would be too much....

Naw, I would still follow you my dear.

PS: And I will NOT bring up those things if I meet you face to face. I PROMISE!!!

The Author is Unknown said...

Mrs Midnite,
You've read my blog, right?
And you are worried about ME thinking bad of YOU?!?!?!
hahahahaha, that's a laugh :-)

Mrs Midnite said...

Thank you :0)

Author I love your blog in a twisted way. It is disturbing but a view into a totally different life that makes it really interesting. I don't think I expected you to think bad of me!

Amber well there was this one day when ............

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