Psycho girl moment

Does it happen to us all?  You are going along quite happy and then someone presses the "Psycho Girl Button" (PGB) and you become unhinged.

So here's what's got the PGB working:

I have been away for a lovely break with Mr Midnite and the furry girls in Skye.  Had a lovely time, will post pictures soon.  But during the holiday I had problems due to the beeping of Mr Midnite's mobile phone.  I thought I was cured of phone curiosity after a recent incident but it seems I'm not.  Many, many, many texts arrived from a person called JanNet it kept flashing up over and over again.  The PGB moved up to sensitive setting.

I eventually had to ask and Mr Midnite said she is a Salsa teacher he knows and she is trying to arrange some Salsa courses / workshops that he is going to help with.  Seems reasonable, it's the type of thing he does.

Left it alone but the texts continued and some calls although signal strength was rubbish so they couldn't talk.  More and more texts. PGB is now at hair trigger setting.  Eventually I couldn't resist and glanced at the mobile, quick swoop through the texts reveals all messages from and to JanNet have gone except for a couple about Salsa.  We are talking 3 messages out of an estimated 40+ received. Why had the rest gone? Mr Midnite is aware of my curiosity, I don't really hide it. I've just told him that the phone is a constant source of temptation and while I try not to look I find it hard.

I didn't say anymore because I was having a nice time and think I might just be over reacting.  That said I have arrived home and found JanNet on Facebook, then Googled her.  The magic that is Google tells me she runs Salsa classes and workshops, I've searched her Salsa website. Sadly she has worked out the privacy settings on Facebook so no information there.

Finally after resisting the urge to send her a message I weakened and logged onto Mr Midnite's e-mail to see what was there.  There were some Facebook messages about B&Bs but that's all and I guess this is linked to the Salsa stuff they are doing.

Still resisting the urge to send a message to her.  Would I ask "What is your relationship with Mr Midnite?"  or just tell her to keep her hands off my man.  PGB firmly stuck in the on position.

Does everyone do this?  The sensible side of my mind says they are trying to arrange some work together and that's a legitimate reason to text someone.  The PGB says aaaaarrrrrgggghhh must know more, must get proof!  Clearly I have some issues!


French Bean & Coffee Bean said...

Perhaps it's a case of curiousity killed the cat? Although 40 + messages would send off a red flag or two...

I haven't had the PGB go off (yet), although, considering my temper, I suppose that it won't be pretty when it eventually does at some point of my life...

-French Bean

The Author is Unknown said...

Keep your head. Wait until if/when you have something concrete about some kind of underhanded, dishonest goings on........then get a mallet and whack that button...but not before then.

Anonymous said...

Yeah I would be very on edge around about now. I think I would question Mr Midnite a little further, that’s just me though

fizzee rascal said...

"salsa teacher", eh. Oldest trick in the book...........


Miss Melicious said...

Aha... I don't know if I'd call it PGB. Every woman knows when there is something that isn't quite right about something. For years I had been claiming that this woman that worked with my husband was a little too friendly with the male coworkers. It irritated me whenever she was around, I made it clear that we didn't have an open marriage...well...I'm proud to say that my instincts were right. She went right along and hooked up with a different coworker. Unfortunately there are trashy women (and men)every where!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I would need to know more. I am an information gatherer in addition to being a snooper (not snooping in a bad way, just an addition to the information gathering and being all about getting "the scoop").

Probably nothing to worry about, but as someone who has had the wool pulled over her eyes before, I am determined to never be the fool.

Good luck on that one and from a voyuer's perspective, keep us informed.

Jan said...

As one who has gone thru this...I now , "always trust my gut instincts"

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