Small dogs on e-bay

Ohh dear, a terrible thing happened today.  I decided to buy Mr Midnite some Wii games off ebay for his birthday.  That way rather than one brand new and shiny game he gets 4 slightly abused games.  A win win situation because overall it was cheaper and he gets more game time!

But by mistake I began browsing and 13 hours later I have spent mucho money!  See there are bags with small dogs on them.  They are made by radley and I'm addicted!  Today I bought two bags because they were bargains.  But I'm not supposed to be spending especially not when I have a cupboard full of bags.  Not bags that I don't use, bags that I regularly take out to play and then put securely back into their little dust bags.

So here are my new friends:

Given that the normal price for a tiny Radley bag is £60 plus I have done well because I got these two for less than that!   But I'm wondering, can you get help for bag addiction?


DanWins said...

Thats why I stay away from E-Bay.


and what about the games for Mr.?

French Bean & Coffee Bean said...

Only if you stop browsing E-bay. ;-)

Did you get Mr Midnight his presents as well?

-French Bean

#1Nana said...

Oh like Handbags Anonymous...girl, you need to get yourself to a meeting! LOL Probably not smart to shop in a manic stage? I used to buy lots of bags and then the urge just left me, but I still have lots of now out-dated handbags in my closet. I would like to adopt an attitude of simplicity where I purchase only what is absolutely essential...but I'm not very successful.
Hope your mortgage is coming along nicely.

Miss Melicious said...

I'm sure that there probably is a shoppers anonymous. If not, you'll make millions with the idea!

fizzee rascal said...

the bottom one is ace.

Mrs Midnite said...

Well I did get Mr Midnite 3 games so far a tennis one, Need for Speed Undercover and a carnival golf. I'm hoping to get sports resort if I can spot a bargain. They were £15 rather than £40 for one new one!

Handbags anonymous, I think I know enough people to start a group. And Nana you are right shopping when manic is not recommended, it is one of the symptoms. I would have avoided it if it hadn't been for the birthday. Once I start I find it hard to stop. But at leat it was bargains and not full price versions.

Probably safer if I stick to blogging!

KBee said...

I'm a bag lady too! Good work on the bargains - you have actually saved money, so you should congratulate yourself (with another bag?)

Anonymous said...

Oh, I love the bags!!

I also love that you refer to them as "bags". You can always tell a bag addict, because we NEVER EVER refer to the as "purses".

My neice asked me one time "Is this your purse?" (pointing to my favorite turquoise and lime green suede Coach bag) and I curled my nose and said "NO!! That is my BAG!!" She snorted and said "Well, I was just going to tell you I think your BAG is butt ugly".

I have never forgiven her.

Mrs Midnite said...

Well I think buying on ebay was a good idea because it was a fraction of the price and one arrived and looks brand new. I have my eye on some others. I might have to get Mr Midnite to take my modem away!

Kitty Elizabeth said...

May I suggest you take a trip to the Radley shop in covent garden?
Although you might leave bankrupt, and I don't really want that on my conscience.

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