Yoga ta love it.

You might remember I was looking for a yoga class.  Well I have now been yogaring for about a month and thought I would tell you about it.

I choose Hatha Yoga because it was on a weekend and the other weekend option was Ashtanga that sounded a bit energetic for me.  I've also gone along to two Yin yoga workshops and really like that.

The Hatha classes so far have been good and I'm really enjoying it.  One week left me with a sore stomach to the extent that I could barely go from sitting to standing and laughing was out of the question.  Last week the backs of my thighs were really sore.

The Yin yoga first time left me with a sore butt.  Am waiting patiently to see what pain tomorrow brings.

I've done Yoga at the gym before but not at a Yoga place.  I'm finding it quite different, there is a lot of focus on how you are feeling, breathing and energy.  I know exercise in general can make you feel good.  I had a phase when I was addicted to the gym and felt fantastic.  Mania plus exercise induced endorphins take some beating.  Yoga has a feel good effect without the manic.

One of the things I hadn't done before were the Mudras (making shapes with your hands), in the Hatha classes they put one or two in and I've been surprised.  Moira said you would feel you breathing change as you move your fingers, and I did, to the right places even before she mentioned them.  Last week she showed us one for confidence.  As soon as I saw it I recognised the pyramid of fingers as a gesture you often see in public speakers.  I'm going to try it and see if it helps.

It's all very strange but I could be a Yoga convert.  I sleep better on Yoga days, hurrah :0).  And it is exercise that doesn't seem to push me to a panic type energy.  Yoga seems to make me feel calm and energised at the same time.   Weird but good.


Anonymous said...

I hear yoga is wonderful, but shit, I am just too lazy to do anything exercise related. IF I were to exercise, though, I would probably do yoga.

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