Singles holidays

Not like singles websites are they?  You don't go away and they try to match you up with a holiday single of the appropriate sex and then wait for chemistry to happen?

I don't think they are but not sure.  Anyway I'm thinking of saving up and going away on holiday by myself.  Why I here you ask?  A popular lady gorilla like Mrs Midnite can surely find someone to go on a jolly with?

Well yes and no.  I go away with my besties and have a fabulous time but they have children and so we are limited to child friendly holidays.  I go away with Mr Midnite too but that tends to be for a few days and while some holidays I fancy he would love others not so much.  I could probably join some of the girls on the holidays they go on and I would have a great time drinking and lying in the sun.  But that's not quite what I fancy.

See I want to go and see stuff.  I want to do things that my friends don't seem interested in, or can't afford.  Slight problem is I'm scared.  I'm not sure if I would get there and be lonely or miserable.  I might not meet anyone or might not like anyone. 

I keep browsing the holidays where you have a group and an itinerary to follow so that I wouldn't be going exploring on my own.  I've seem loads I like the look of I just need to save some pennies.

Long term plan, yes I'm a planner, is to pay off the evil credit cards and then treat myself to a holiday.  I reckon if I'm very good I will be card free by May next year.  Then I can save for a holiday late summer.  So I have plenty of time to choose something.  I fancy Egypt, climbing Sinai and watching the sun come up, going diving and swimming with turtles (not sharks).  Or Kenya for a safari.  Or Thailand, Or Iceland, Or the US, Or Canada, Or Australia.  Not much choice really.

So am I brave enough to go on my own?


KBee said...

Yes yes be brave! Go for the red sea. You always have more of an adventure when you go solo. I think my relationship depends on us going off on separate hols/weekend breaks

DanWins said...

For a trip like that especially if it is a first: I would suggest going somewhere you have something in common or to a degree of common with. Language!

Suggestion would be going somewhere like the US or Canada or even the Bahamas or Even the British or U.S. Virgin Islands. You could do plenty of beginners diving at any of those last three and would be one Hell of a "HOLIDAY".

just an idea.


French Bean & Coffee Bean said...

I'm sure you'll know the answer to your question when the time comes. ;-)

My first trip overseas was done alone, but I ended up joining a tour group. Being *completely* alone would have been a true challenge on my 21-year-old self.

Just keep saving for that dream vacation, Mrs Midnite. Then, you'll know what to do!

-French Bean

Anonymous said...

I think you and me are a lot alike, and I would be nervous at first to go by myself, but once I got there I know I would have a wonderful time. I mean, I like to spend time with the hubs and with my friends (as a matter of fact I am going on "holiday" next week with six of my closest friends), but sometimes I have more fun being by myself where I can call all the shots.

You can do it honey!!

Miss Melicious said...

ooo...sounds like fun! You can join sightseeing groups for the day or two and do your own thing on other days.

Mrs Midnite said...

Well a resounding go! I think I would enjoy it, I know if I go diving somewhere then I would have lots of diving friends. I think I would have a great time once I was there, I just need to be brave and go. Plenty of planning time.

Tricia said...

DO IT! You will be amazed at the experience of traveling 'alone' - you'll see things in an entirely different way than if you were with a buddy. GO GO GO! Did I mention, GO?

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