Have to choose a vacuum cleaner :0)

Not having the greatest weekend here in Mrs Midnite's pad.  Mr Midnite is off somewhere for the weekend and I'm trying to save cash so having a quite weekend with a plan to clean in advance of the invasion next weekend.

So was happily (sarcasm, I think so) cleaning the kitchen when I went to fill the sink, no hot water.  Investigation showed the pilot light was out.  Searched for the instructions, found them, followed them and still no pilot light.  Read the entire manual to discover there is a reset switch in case the boiler over heats.  Pressed it and hey presto we have a pilot light.  I feel some sort of power here.  And Mrs Midnite said "let there be a pilot light" and a pilot light filled the boiler.

Next mini disaster was the vacuum cleaner, was happily (yes, more sarcasm) and the machine made a stink and died.  Guessing it's about 10 years old so it was probably only a matter of time but bah.

Anyone out there with pets, plural will no that if you don't hover you will be armpit deep in pet hair by Tuesday.  Well I had a busy week and it was already pretty bad so I headed off to the supermarket to check out the new vacuums.

I had in my head a lovely new Dyson with revolutionary ball and special pet sucking power.  How much?  Over £300 for one of those, no chance would rather pick the dog hair up with my teeth.

So I browsed the vacuum collection until my eye fell on the obvious winner.  Russel Hobbs clearly saw me coming and put a Ruby Cavalier King Charles on the box.  It looks like Star.  One hover in the trolley!

Came home and pleased to say it works and picked up the dog hair.  Compared to a 10 year old Dyson it's well good.  Compared to a new state of the art Dyson.  It's cheap and has a puppy on the box, a clear winner!


DanWins said...

Good God, Don't let my wife and girls see the box or they are likely to buy it just because of the puppy on the Box.

Hide this Post Hide it!! Please I beg of you?!?!?

Seriously, don't you hate when it seems everything wants to go "down" all around the same time?

While the Mr. is away don't forget some "You" time.


Anonymous said...

Ugh, I can't imagine what I would do if my vacuum went out. I am one of the OCD freaks about floors and I have one indoor cat who (despite being a short haired cat), you would think she is a freaking persian with alopecia. Her hair comes out in CLUMPS!!

If I go TWO days without vacumming, there are tumbleweeds of cat hair that come rolling across the living room floor.

That is NO lie!

Glad you got your "hover".......god, I just love the way your Brits talk. When you posted that comment on my blog, I figured you were tlaking about a vacuum, but I was not 100% sure. HAHA!!

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