Fizzie seal of approval

I got an award, isn't it nice:

It is a Fizzie Seal of Approval, you can check out Fizzie Rascal's blog here.  I suspect he is slightly tattoo encrusted but we love him anyway :0)  check out his blog if you don't already.  Plus he recommended some other blogs so check them out too and see if there is anything there that paints your donkey blue.

Thank you Mr Rascal :0)

PS sure I'll love your tattoos!


DanWins said...

Congrats for you!!! Nice Design where you going to put it? ///// Duh should have scanned down a tad answered my own question.......8)

:P Dan

Anonymous said...

Hey!! I got me one of them sparkly awards to!!

Me luffs some Fizzie.

And me luffs some Ms. Midnite too!

Rock on wit our bad ass selves.

the wid0w said...

tis a very pretty award ;-)

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