Little Miss Midnite and the spider

I am a great believer in karma so should I be surprised when karma gets me?

After yesterday's rant about the evil shouting dad karma decided to remind me what it is like to be frightened so that I can appreciate scared child's fear of dogs.

A giant spider has moved into my bathroom and seems to have decided to stay.  It isn't any ordinary spider, it is a giant.  It has brown and white stripy legs and a big fat dark body.  It is currently trotting up and down the door frame in a guard like formation.  I think it plans to prevent me from using the bathroom. 

I'm not totally freak out scared of spiders, or much else really, all my scary demons are on the inside.  That said I definitely don't like spiders especially ones that look as though they could eat a small dog.

So thanks karma for the reminder that everyone is scared of something.  I do have sympathy for the scared child, I do try to keep my dogs away from him while still letting them play with his friends.  I still don't think his dad had a reason to shout at me.


DanWins said...

Mr. Midnites not around to take care of the spider for you. Anytime the girls or J sees one or a bug its "DAD, DAD" or "DANNY" and I am a running but sorry Scotland is to far away to run to.

get a fly swatter and smack him then pick up with tissue and dispose of without having to touch.

As for your comment on my site - I need to gain weight a bit anyway. One of the things about emphysema is that you tend to loose appetite and weight. Just need to try and keep it healthy weight.

#1Nana said...

The dogs are adorable but the spider is not. I pity the folks who believe that their ancestors are reincarnated in other lifeforms...they can't stomp the hell out of that beast.

I don't think the dad should have shouted at you either!

Anonymous said...

Amber + spiders = pee on the floor.

That is just a little math for you on a Saturday morning.

Anonymous said...

Creepy spider like that would end up in my nightmare later that night. Hate spiders and bugs. Always dream they are crawling on me!

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