Asbo Cavaliers

For those that don't know here in the UK if you are really naughty but not quite a criminal you can get an ASBO - Anti Social Behaviour Order.  The wealth of knowledge that is Wikipedia gives the following information:

"An Anti-Social Behaviour Order or ASBO is a civil order made against a person who has been shown, on the balance of evidence, to have engaged in anti-social behaviour. The orders were designed to be imposed after minor incidents that would not ordinarily warrant prosecution. The orders restrict behaviour in some way, by prohibiting a return to a certain area or shop, or by restricting public behaviour such as swearing or drinking. In the UK, there has been criticism that an ASBO is sometimes viewed as a badge of honour by youth. Many see the ASBO as connected with young delinquents."

Well recently doggie ASBOs have been introduced - See here

Follows will remembers that my evil demon dogs have been terrorising the local children.  You remember the evil doggies:

Well following last weeks excitement we had a further doggie incident.  Having kept the little monsters on their leads all week and walked them away from the house as much as possible I thought it would all blow over.  Not likely.  On Sunday scared boy was playing outside my house.  Clearly I have to take the dogs out so every time I took them out he ran away down the street.  My neighbours invited me to join them outside but I couldn't because of the dogs so we went out in the car instead.

Later in the day I took the dogs out and scared boy wasn't there.  My neighbours grandsons were there and wanted to play with the dogs.  The youngest (about 2 to 3?) wanted to take Sasha for a walk on her lead so off they went up and down the path because he isn't allowed past the end of the buildings.  Yes, I let a 3 year old walk my scary dog!  The others children were picking Star up and cuddling her (lucky she didn't go savage and tear their wee faces off)  so I took her lead off so I could go with Sasha in case she pulled the toddler type child.

Of course you see where this is going, scared child turns up on his bike, sees the dogs and peddles away at high speed.  Star takes off after the bike running a long way behind him for about 20 metres before she got bored and went to see one of the other neighbours.

I came back in the house and there was a knock on the door.  Scared boys mother telling me that my dogs are out of control.  The children had followed her upstairs and were listening.  She said that my dogs had terrified her son and he had cycled so fast into the block entrance that he has broken the door, she is going to tell the council and they will bill me because its my fault.  Not sure thats going to happen?

She then said those dogs are huge to a child.  The 3 year old behind her said "no they're not, they're tiny".  I had to bite my cheeks not to laugh.  I told her I would keep them on their leads but pointed out that he still runs away when they are on their leads.  She wasn't really happy with that and said if I'm not going to do anything she would get an anti-social behaviour order.  I'm not really sure what she hopes to achieve by that?  The children behind her were saying that they like playing with the dogs and that the dogs are nice.  She said her son doesn't think so, the children's response, "well he's stupid".  More cheek biting.

So now I'm waiting to receive some sort of letter from the council about my anti social behaviour for not controlling my dogs. 

I did call the council to ask what I should do.  They asked the following questions:
Are your dogs aggressive?  No, possibly the most submissive dogs ever.
Have they ever bitten this boy? No.
Have they ever bitten anyone? No
Do they growl at children? No
Have they knocked anyone over or caused damage to property? No and just mine.

Someone from the anti social behaviour department is going to call me back to discuss the situation.  I would quite like them to come out and meet my out of control scary dogs.  I suspect there would be some laughter.

Anyway, because I won't take any risks with my sweet, furry, demon dogs I have enrolled them in new intensive doggie training.  My logic is that if this family starts screaming about out of control dogs I need to make sure there are no opportunities for them to get evidence.  My dogs are pretty good but are excitable and do sometimes go deaf.  I spoke to a guy who does intensive 1to1 and group training and he squeezed us in by starting earlier than normal.  We are going to classes at 6am Monday to Thursday with a group class on a Friday night.  He agrees with my theory that if my dogs are really well trained then I can't be open to criticism.  Plus he thinks that Star needs to gain confidence when out because she is very nervous.   Two days in and we have improved walking to heel and Star has mastered stay (as in sitting where I put her for 5 minutes not 1 second) so I guess it's worth the massive amount of cash.  The 5am alarm is not pleasant though.

I must really love my dogs.


#1Nana said...

Can't you get an order against the kid? He runs away and entices the dogs to follow, after you have asked them not to. Damm, you need an attorney to fight this. Don't let the crazy neighbor win this. I'm a sucker for a cute dog picture!

Mrs Midnite said...

Nana I actually think the kid is now enjoying the attention he is getting from his parents. I think the way they are acting is reinforcing his phobia of dogs, not very helpful for living in a country where dogs are common. His reactions to the dogs this week were worse than they had been I think because he now knows he can get his parents to react. I'm just going to make sure they are very well trained and well behaved.

DanWins said...

When the council or their rep sees the situation try to make sure he/she doesn't keel over with laughter. You might just want to have a medic standing by just in case. LOL.

As for Loony Toon Mom, She needs to see for herself before throwing accusations about. We have done that with our girls before when they were little they complained about the neighbors dogs being mean when they were near the fences and I said show me. They did and the Dogs were doing that low growl sort of that stay away your bugging me growl. I asked the girls if they did anything else.
"Yes, Daddy. We stuck sticks thru the fence to get their attention because we couldn't touch them." DUHHHHH. Problem resolved and I apologized to the neighbor because he had heard the girls complain and he was POd at his Dogs before he found out what they did.

The Muller said...

Mrs. M, I think you're right about the kid seeking attention. I'm glad there are no ASBO's here in the States. My wife would surely file one against my guitar playing.

fizzee rascal said...

That's ridiculous. With all the arses with dogs running about and they want to give you an asbo? You and your little spaniels? What a danger they are.

PS. Asbo Cavaliers is a great name for a sunday football team

Iron Criterion said...

Those are some scary looking dogs, like the Hounds of Hell. I think if you are going to get an ASBO anyway you should defecate on the woman's lawn (or get you dogs to).

CkretsGalore said...

Yeah I would agree..the parents and child require training.

Blows me away when people freak the hell out when they see my dog ...all 13 people luvin' pounds of her.

I laugh in their faces and tell them to get a grip. Stop hiding behind your scapegoats/phobias.

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