This weekend was a waste of make-up

For those of you bored with hearing about my Asbo dogs I thought I would bore you with a post about my weekend.

As the title might suggest it didn't go exactly as planned, it wasn't bad just not as I expected.  This weekend a girl I used to work with and was really good friends with was planning to visit Edinburgh.  We have had some ups and downs but I doubt she has noticed.  She is a very confident but self centered person.  She doesn't seem to get upset by anything and doesn't understand when other people get hurt or annoyed by things she says or does.  We were really good friends for almost a year and used to go out together all the time.  Her boyfriend was away doing a year in the US then, I knew when he came back I would see less of her but in actually fact I saw nothing of her.  She never once called to invite me out once he was back.  If I asked her she would say she was busy with her boyfriend.  We would sometimes end up in the same places and she would chat and want me to dance but I was never invited along.  Not long after he got back I was off work for nine weeks with depression.  She never phoned or even sent a text to see how I was.  So I stopped really counting her as a friend.  Later I would go out with her occasionally if it suited me but didn't worry if she was sitting in on her own.

So she was visiting Edinburgh, she said she couldn't wait to see me and that we would go out on Friday night.  So I dashed home from Asbo rehabilitation to find that Mr Midnite was heading out to an African fund raising event where he'd been asked to play the jembe.  I decided I go with him so I'd be in the city centre when my friend arrived.  Sent a text asking if she was in Edinburgh, she was and said she would text me once she knew where she was going. 

Quick change, favourite dress, bit of cleavage, cute shoes, make-up and hair done in 20 minutes and off we go.  I have to say I was well overdressed for the African fund raiser but I did quite enjoy it.  There was a fantastic group from Zimbabwe playing African instruments, singing and dancing, they were so alive and their enthusiasm was infectious.  After that there was some reading of African poetry by a writer I hadn't heard of, Charles Mungoshi.  I really enjoyed the reading so I've found a couple of short poems to share:

In the wilderness

The torrid silence of the October sun.
Miles upon miles and miles of burnt-out plains.

Suddenly you realise
you are talking loudly to your

He ran away from home
where, he thought, all pain
He went to another country
Where he discovered
the pain of leaving home.

After the reading there was a singer with Mr Midnite playing drums, she asked us to join in but not a chance when it was in Shona.

Left there about 11 no call or text so I headed home with Mr Midnite which was probably more fun anyway.

Saturday I went off to my yoga class with only a tiny bit of foundation on, that was a waste too because it slid off my face during the sun salutation!  The yoga class included a try at doing the king posture, the headstand.  I couldn't do a headstand when I was a kid and unsurprisingly I still can't.  I gave it my best effort and surprised myself by managing to get the top of my back against the wall.  I think the law of gravity dictates that my head should never be asked to support the weight of my ass.  Allegedly you should take the weight in your arms, I need stronger arms.

A call came from my friend, apologies etc.  And a plan to go out around 8 in the evening, she would text me the details.  So at about 7 I get ready, new shoes, cute sandal things, short dress over trousers, hair done, make up on and cute handbag selected.  So I wait for the text, and wait, and wait.  9.45 I take the furry girls out and one of my neighbours is out smoking and we get talking.  He invites me in because they have a few friends in and are having some wine.  There I am once again extremely over dressed for the occasion.  I had a good night catching up on local gossip which includes my asbo dogs.  When I can home I found that my friend had actually called at 11.49, almost 4 hours late.  Needless to say I haven't bothered calling back.

Today has been a lazy one, catching up with my blog reading while cleaning my house, shopping etc.  No make-up required.  Back to dog school and work tomorrow.


Kate Mohler said...

Wow, I hate your "friend". Too bad you live so far away--we would have fun! :-)

Mrs Midnite said...

Lol Kate I'm sure we would have fun. It's not worth hating this "friend", she wouldn't notice or care so it would only effect me.

French Bean & Coffee Bean said...

Still, things turned out well this past week-end despite the "friend." ^.^

At least you weren't victim to the Chance Encounter Paradox; you still found a way to have a great time! :-D

-French Bean

KBee said...

You should send your 'friend' an invoice for the make-up you wasted. Along with a steaming offering from your doggies

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