One of those days?

Tuesday was a fun day, well not for me but hopefully you will find it slightly amusing.

I woke up feeling a bit dodgy but struggled off to Asbo rehabilitation and trudged around the field trying to get the furry ones to cooperate. Driving home I felt really awful and decided not to go to work. So I headed back to my bed and shivered with my head under the pillow for a few hours.

About 2 in the afternoon the dogs indicated they would like to go out. I got out of bed and changed out of my jammies into baggy, saggy leggings and a scruffy t-shirt. Not my best look. Put little ballet pump slipper things on my feet and took the girls down to the garden. A couple of minutes later we headed back up the stairs to my flat.

I got to the door, turned the handle and nothing. I stared blankly at the door wondering why it wasn't opening. Keys! I looked in a puzzled way at my hands which were holding nothing. Ooops. "We're locked out girls".

I went back down to the garden and sat on the path to contemplate my situation. I am outside wearing scruffy clothes, inappropriate shoes, no underwear and have with me two dogs. I look up at my windows and realise they are closed and even if they weren't the only option I could come up with would have been to throw Star up and hope she could climb through and them go and open the door. Lassie she isn't.

So I started thinking about spare keys.
  • My parents took the liberty of getting themselves a set cut but they are a 3 hour drive away. I don't think they would appreciate a 6 hour trip just to open my door.
  • Mr Midnite has keys but I have not yet managed to memorise his mobile number and my phone was locked in the flat.
  • My best friends have an emergency spare set of keys but they were at work. Without my mobile I couldn't phone them, no chance of remembering their mobile numbers anyway. I thought about walking round to their house and waiting on the doorstep until they arrived home. Two problems: shoes that are more slippers and a lack of support around the chest area. Slightly lesser issue: publicly looking like a tramp. I decided I would rather stay outside.
Finally my brain starts to work and I have an idea. I can phone someone at work and get a message to my best friends. They can then go and get my keys and bring them round. So I knocked on my neighbours door and asked if I could use their phone, I got through to work and left the message. It was then just a case of waiting. And waiting. And waiting. Fortunately it was a sunny day so me and the furry ones sat in the sun. I started thinking that the message hadn't got through. Perhaps terrorists had intercepted my brave messenger. I was thinking that I would have to do the unsupported walk.

And then through the setting sun I see my knight in shining Nissan arriving to save me! Boy best friend pulls up and laughingly hands over my keys as I exclaim "I love you". He had finished work, gone to pick up the boys and then my keys. Four hours I was sat outside.

An interesting way to spend the afternoon, the moral of the story is not to leave home without a bra!


French Bean & Coffee Bean said...

Oh, wow. o_O" That is not a fun way to spend the day off.

At least no one saw you like that (Chance Encounter Paradox).

-French Bean

fizzee rascal said...

I'll try and remember that.

Anonymous said...


I was rolling with the "no underwear" line.

I am glad you got in though. Being stranded sucks ass. Thanks god my spare keys are a short half mile away (my mommy).

Miss Melicious said...

Eeeek!!! Thats crazy. Although I've had this very thing happen to me, thankfully I only had to hang outside for an hour...but when the 4 year old claimed she really had to pee...yeah, well thank god she's four and can't get a ticket for indecent exposure. On the up side, I bet you'll wear a bra next time you go out!!!

Iron Criterion said...

I feel your pain (and chuckle at it).

The worst feeling in laugh is definatly the moment you realise you've locked yourself out and gained 100 fool points.

Anonymous said...

I worry that I'll get a ticket or have car trouble on days when I dress like that driving my girls to school.

Wouldn't go out without a bra though -- No way! Other than that, definitely something I would do!

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