Letter 2 - My crush

Seriously difficult because I don't really have a crush on anyone except Mr Midnite and he comes in under some of the other letters.  Is it normal to not have a crush on someone? I always used to when I was younger.  Anyway in the interests of doing the challenge I cast my mind back to the 17 year old me who went from crush to crush so that I can write to the guy I fancied for so so long and never did anything about.

Dear Crush Man

I see you every weekend but we never speak.  I wait all week to see you and always want to say something but I never do.  I dress for nights out to impress you but you don't seem to notice. You always look so good, I love the way you dress and the way you dance, even your gestures while you talk.  I watch you from afar and wonder what you are really like but I guess I'll never really know.

The first time I saw you we talked, it was at the bottom of the steps in Duffy's.  I loved your bright blue eyes, so clear they don't look quite real.  You talked to me about music and asked if I'd seen your friends.  After that I spent then night hoping to see you again.  Now week after week I see you but I'm too shy and embarrassed to speak.  I know so many of your friends but you aren't with them when I am.  I think every week that I will speak to you, I decide what to say.  Nothing special, just "hello, how you doing?"  But, every week I fail to find these simple words once you are there.

I know you have a girlfriend, she's a bitch.  I'm not saying this because I fancy you, she really is a bitch.  You deserve better.  I know your friends, they can be a bit out of control.  I don't think you're like that, I don't hear your name in the gossip.  The things they do, dodgy to say the least.  I know you have a job so maybe you're not like them. 

This week I will speak to you.  I'll say hello and maybe then we can be friends.


The Blogger Formerly Known As said...

Awww, how could any guy’s heart not melt after reading that? And I’m sure his girlfriend was a bitch as well :)

The enigmatic, masked blogger strikes again

DanWins said...

Nice. Do you still know this guy?

Haven't been here in a little while so figured to stop in and say "Hi" to one of my Blogger Buddies. Hope all is well with you and Mr. M.

catch you laters.

French Bean & Coffee Bean said...

Mmm. This truly is such a sweet letter.

Who knows the turns life takes? Maybe you will see him again and be grateful to not have focused on him. We never know...

-French Bean

Anonymous said...

I am still trying to decide if I am going to do the challenge. Good to see your second letter. look forward to the rest!!

Miss Melicious said...

ooo....it sounds like 17 year old you had quite the crush. Do tell, what ever happened?! Did you talk to him...was he dodgy...did he break up with the uber bitch? Wow...I sense that I'm being a bit nosey!

Mrs Midnite said...

It was quite a crush Miss M. I was rubbish, I never talked to him and after I went to uni I hardly saw him until I never saw him.

Amber these latters are hard, I'm stuck on number 3.

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