Asbo Dog Update

First a quick quiz, spot the difference:

Yes that's right, there is no difference, both dogs pictured here have been accused of anti social behaviour. 


Did you get it, the four breeds pictured at the top are banned in the UK under the dangerous dogs law.  The two dogs pictured under them are known to be great family pets!

So enough of testing your knowledge of dangerous doggys and on to the sad tale of the asbo cavaliers!

We have been very good going to asbo rehabilitation 5 days a week and the girls are trying very hard.  They are starting to learn to socialise with other dogs without getting too nervous and they are getting really good at the obedience things.  Star has some attention deficit issues but Sasha is fab.

At home we are not having the best time.  Every time I see that child he runs away screaming for his mum regardless of whether or not the furry fiends are with me.  Tonight he was on his scooter when I drove my car into the car park. He scooted up the road shouting for his mum.  She then comes to the window and watches me get out of the car and walk to my house.  This is repeated every time I see him.

On a morning she is quite often at the kitchen window smoking when I get back from asbo school, she always watches us even though the child isn't outside.  Her husband was heading to his car one day when I got home and he stopped and watched me park, get out, get the dogs out and walk to my house before he went back to getting in his car.

Last week I had a few days where I decided I would park at the other side of my house.  This car park is on the main road near a bus stop and I never park there.  When I moved in seven years ago I decided the back car park was better, it's nearer my flat and off the main road.  But for 3 days I parked at the other side to avoid this family.  Then I decided that I'm not going to let them change the way I live, I've done nothing wrong.

Today I noticed there is a long scratch down the side of my car, can't help but blame the child.  Paranoid?  I don't know, maybe.

They are making me feel pretty uncomfortable but I don't know if there is much I can do about it.

Anyway spotted these fabby doggy t-shirts:

Do you think they make them small enough for Star and Sasha?


The Blogger Formerly Known As said...

Sounds like it should be your neighbours who should have the ASBO.

I’m not allowed a dog where I live; I’ve got to content myself with taking my brother’s out for walks, which I’m going to do tomorrow. Fortunately he’s pretty good most of the time (the dog, not my brother)
The enigmatic, masked blogger strikes again

CkretsGalore said...

Wow, I get so angry reading this.

This is when I really want to believe in Karma and this pathetic family well get theirs.

Love the doggy T-shirts!!!!

DanWins said...

Mrs. M.,

Due to the recent vandalism of your vehicle I would report it for 1. Not to place blame but it the officers ask if anyone would want to do this mention that family and why. 2. go out and buy yourself a cheap survelance (sp) recorder and place it in a window or location that can view your vehicle. most are cheap now a days and run an endless loop so you can check it and if you catch anything you have verifiable proof of who and what and if I remember that is legal in the British/Scottish legal system. 3. Have the local authorities bothered to come over and see what the "FUSS" is and to watch it without either parties awareness?

Sorry but I can't help it when Trouble Making Idiots are causing problems because they can't live their miserable lives without making others miserable around them.

Just Plain Tired said...

The paranoia of this family isn't something you can control. I'd ignore them as best as possible and carry on just as you normally would. I wouldn't go out of my way to appease them.

#1Nana said...

Your home is supposed to be your refuge and these horrid people have managed to destroy that peace for you. Even when you don't see them, you'll be watching in case they show up. It destroys your enjoyment of your home...and that sucks!

The best revenge is success. Live your life out loud...park in front, walk the dogs, live your life and just give a self-satisfied smile when you see them. It's like saying f**k off, but classy.

fizzee rascal said...

First of all, those dogs are banned under the DDA, but there's plenty of Pit bulls in the uk as I'm sure you know, the others , well I doubt they were ever going to be here in large numbers anyway. Pitbulls are great dogs btw, just hampered by the animal on the other end of the lead.

Secondly, what heinous crime have you committed to be treated like this by your neighbours? Ownership of a pair of fluffballs? Awful. You need to talk to these people IMO

Mrs Midnite said...

Yeah Fizzie I know lots of lovely Staffies and the fab Rolo who I think is an American pitbull in disguise. The dangerous daogs are a product of owners who haven't got a clue what they are doing. My fur balls are guilty of being too friendly and liking children.

I've tried talking to my neighbours but they just think I'm in the wrong because I let my dogs play with their sons friends. They want them on leads at all times so they don't have to deal with their sons phobia. It would be so much better if he learned how to act around dogs because one day he could meet an Akita or something with an idiot for an owner.

I would like the community police officer to come and see my dogs with children because they are great with them but I do feel like public enemy number 1 just now. Fortunately most of my neighbours are on my side and like my dogs.

Anonymous said...

How awful, Midnite. I know how it is to have overly assholish neighbors (I think they may be the subject of next months DOTM).

Yeah, your dogs look like real killers. Just like Fizzee's dog, real psycho. I really appreciate both of you wiping the blood off their muzzels before posting thier pictures.

Some people are just asshats.

Iron Criterion said...

First of all - your dogs are adorable.

Secondly, buy a Japanese Tosa and everytime you see that little shit chase him down the street with it. Christ, I hate neighbours so much; roll on judgement day.

And looking forward to your DBOTM post Scrappy.

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