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Star and Sasha said I should write this cos their paws are too big to type.............ok, ok, I know they can't talk or write but if they could then this is what they would make me write:

Yesterday we headed to the Edinburgh version of the beach. It is actually a river bank but so close to the river's mouth it is very beach like.  The girls had a nice run around and splash in the water.  When we were leaving the beach a little Yorkshire Terrier (puppy) dashed up to us to play with the girls.  He was very taken with Star and started to follow us along the beach.  I looked around but couldn't see anyone obviously looking for a dog.  I walked backwards and forwards for a while expecting someone to shout for the dog or for the dog just to get bored and leave. 

Eventually I gave up and sat on a wall.  Every where I walked the terrier followed (quick flashback to Mary had a little lamb there) so I didn't want to go back to the car in case the dog went on the road.  Sasha wasn't very impressed with the stranger but Star thought he was ok.  We sat for a while but no one came.  I realised that there was a ID tag on the terriers collar so tried to get close enough to see it. I could then call the owners and either get them to come find him or I could take him home.   Every time I reached for the dog he moved away.  I called Star over to me and the little Yorkie followed her, I managed to get hold of his collar and was just trying to read the tag when it bit me.  Not a bad bite, it was only a young dog so not a very big mouth, but he broke the skin. 

After that I didn't really know what to do I had been stalked by his small dog for 40 minutes by this point and it was getting cold.  I was just thinking about taking it to the police station as a lost dog when a foreign guy came towards us shouting something.  The dog ran over to him and he just turned and walked away.

So the girls and I came home and I clean my dog bite.

Just occurred to me now that my little dogs who have never touched anyone are ion more trouble for being friendly than that little dog is for biting someone.  Makes no sense.


DanWins said...

when you go to the Drs appt. have him check that just to make sure it does not get infected.

It never fails the Nice ones always get nipped.

Maybe he liked the way you smelled and decided to taste.

Paige said...

so random. i bet your puppy is way cuter.

#1Nana said...

It's nice that you have a place you can let the dogs off their leashes and run without those pesky, paranoid neighbors around.

fizzee rascal said...

Just be thankful it was a yorkie.

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