So today wasn't the best day

We had a meeting at work today, it was supposed to be last week but was snowed off.  I was surprised they rearranged it as the CEO came over from the US for it last week.  Suppose this should have been a sign.

The meeting started with a stuttered thank you for efforts made to get to work and keep things going through the bad weather.  Then we were told that they are looking at closing 2 of the 4 Scottish sites, one of those is the site I'm based at.  Merry Christmas, great timing!  They are starting a 90 day consultation to decide what they are going to do but the worst and most likely case is that they will close.  Basically there has been a change in focus in the industry and there is less demand for the work done on these sites.  An affect of the global economic down turn. 

I suppose I have respect for the CEO for coming and telling us the news in person rather than leaving it to our local managers.  

After that we had a group meeting and were told the our team are a global rather than a site resource so there is a possibility that we can move to other sites within Scotland.

Later the head of human resources for Europe came and told the team that there would be positions available at the other sites for anyone who wants one.

Roller coaster!   I think I started feeling like maybe this is the kick in the butt I need to go and get a different job, use my MBA.  Then I moved to feeling angry, I and others on our sites have put in so much work.  We have turned work away because parts of the business were too busy but lost staff because other areas were quiet.  I have been fighting to get work done due to lack of resource yet apparently we are not doing enough and there is no work out there.  I'm not a business analyst but I have to say I find it hard to understand.  After that I moved on to sad, I looked at some of my colleagues and thought I'll miss them, I like a lot of them.

Finding out we were safe is great and yes I'll be able to pay my mortgage but I'm still upset about all my friends (including best friend girl) who are unlikely to be so lucky.  I'm upset that they are throwing away all the effort people have put in and all the skills and talent that the staff have. 

Many in my team were saying that people are going to hate us when they find out we are going to be moved rather than made redundant.  They were saying that it is going to be really stressful and difficult to get work completed.  Maybe I am naive but I think most people will continue to do a good job until they leave.  I'm sure the stress will show through and some will make comments about us but I don't think many will hate us.  I could list the people who will be difficult now.  I feel really bad for all the other people I work with, I'm gutted that this is happening to them.  The people I work with have made my job enjoyable and have helped me deal with the stress.  I will miss them a lot and although I'll get used to the people at the new site it won't be the same as working with the ones who where there when I didn't have a clue.

I don't know how I feel just now, probably just sad.  The advantage of taking an antidepressant (that for random reasons acts as a mood stabiliser for me) is the automatic cushion to bad news.  I know its bad but the reaction is reduced.  Thank Lilly for Cymbalta, without which I would be a crying heap of depression tonight.

Think I'll go to bed now and see what tomorrow brings, not really looking forward to it.


CkretsGalore said...

Drastic change is always such a jolt into a pit of pity.
But hey, you're allowed....just not for too long.

I wish all the best for you and your coworkers.

Miss Melicious said...

You can't help that you will perhaps be given the opportunity to move. It could be a great change for you...think of it as an adventure.

Anonymous said...

I have been thinking a lot about the wonderful people I work with. They are such good friends, and some are more like family. So sorry you are facing this. Hang in there.

#1Nana said...

The economic downturn really is frightening, so many people losing jobs. I'm so sorry it has hit you...and it's just adding insult to injury that it happens at Christmas. I hope you get reassigned to a location that will work for you.

Keep taking those meds!

Mrs Midnite said...

Thanks everyone, just getting ready to go to work and thinking that it is going to be a strange and hard day. I'm very pleased I have my blog to get this out and have some responses from people not personally involved.

French Bean & Coffee Bean said...


Job loss is never an easy subject, especially when it affects so many people...

Try not to stress out too much about it, though!


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