I have been thinking about things, not always the best idea but apparently the off button on my brain is missing.  Anyway one of the things that I was thinking about was how things haven't been going very well for me recently.  If you read my blog you will know I've had neighbour trouble, car trouble, redundancies at work and my gran is ill.  These thoughts could easily have become a self pitying path to depression but they weren't.

Instead I was thinking about how well I have been handling these things.  I have been stressed, upset and angry but not to the extreme.  I have been able to carry on with my life, going out, working and seeing friends while these unpleasant things were going on.  Not so very long ago I wouldn't have coped with these things, it could have gone two ways.  I would either have stressed myself into a manic mess where I would likely have gone a bit crazy with excessive going out and shopping, remember the handbags?  Or, I would have plummeted into a major depression and stayed in bed.

Mr Midnite would tell me that the bad things have been sent to show me I can cope.  It is easier to be positive when everything is good, the challenge is to stay positive when things aren't.  I used to get depressed sometimes for no reason so if something did happen I had no chance.  Now I have difficult things in my life and I still feel OK.

Not sure if I'm explaining this very well?

Anyway to reach the pearls from today's title.  I have a charm bracelet and I buy myself the occasional charm that means something.  I have a little heart to remind me to love myself and a little dog to remind me to be happy.  I went into the shop today to try and find something to signify turning negatives to positives.  I had no idea when I went in what that would be I just knew something would be there that would represent what I wanted.  I browsed the shop for a while and then spotted just the thing. 

When I saw it I immediately thought of how pearls are formed by the shelled creatures.  A little piece of dirt gets stuck inside and causes irritation so the creature forms a pearl to protect itself.  From an irritation it produces a thing of beauty.  A positive from a negative. Perfect!


klahanie said...

Superb! Turning what can be perceived as negatives, into positives, is conducive to maintaining our mental health well being.
Total admiration for you, my friend. I have found the key is to live my life with realistic positive anticipation, rather than negative speculation.
Being positive can be hard work. The alternative is a place I'd rather not be.
This posting, is indeed a 'pearl of wisdom'.
In kindness and empathy, your way, Gary :-)

DanWins said...

Great post Love!

Hope your Gran is doing OK.

And you aren't alone out there, you have friends all around you.

Anything at Anytime

Miss Melicious said...

what a great idea! and a beautiful charm too.

#1Nana said...

The charm bracelet is a lovely idea. Congratulations on dealing so well with all of the challenges. You should have a lot of pearls hanging on your bracelet!

Do you know yet where your job reorganization will take you?

Kamila said...

Wow.. I feel relatively same from this post.. but I think you handle those problems much better.. that's a lot!

don't worry everything will get better, hopefully!! :)

Thank you.. this post inspires me more.

Anonymous said...

I love this idea! I sure wonder why all of those negatives come along in our lives. Glad you are handling things well. Hope your gran continues to get better too.

Mustang Sally said...

Brilliant! Bravo!

Amiya chatterjee said...

The Nocturnals are not as insane as you are . You Think too much, much too much. Save your energy by not talking that much ,just some occasional HOOT shall do.
Love your casual manner in dealing with yourself.

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