Dear Santa

Dear Santa

I have tried hard to be good all year so I thought I'd write and ask you for a present.  For Christmas please could you make my Gran better. 

Thank you

Dear blogger friends
I'm sorry I can't write much today.  I am trying hard to be positive and not let things get me down but my Gran is very ill.  She is in hospital with a perforated bowel.  They are trying something first but if that doesn't work she will need major surgery.  I am really worried about her, she is in her 80s and has a bad heart.  I'm too far away to visit easily.  I want to go and see my family but with the current situation at work I don't think I'll be able to.  It is one of the rare times when I wish I wasn't so far from my family.
Please send positive thoughts (or pawsitivity).
Thank you


Miss Melicious said...

sending happy thoughts...and pawsitivity your way :)

DanWins said...

Best Wishes and Prayers from El Paso Love. and Pass them on to others if you need them. We always have Plenty of those for others around here.

If it isn't to much trouble what is her name? will pass it on to Momma and believe you me she will have a Rosary group hit it hard for her. (and you) or we will just call her "Midnite's Gran" and that would work as well I think.

Anything at Anytime

#1Nana said...

I hope Santa delivers! My thoughts and prayers are with you. You've been going through a rough spot lately. I hope that's about to change. Hang in there.

Tom Millson said...

Have some good vibes from me, both for you and your nan :)

fizzee rascal said...

I really hope you get your Christmas wish Mrs M.

Love, Fizz.

Feora's Fire said...

Oh, Im so sorry hun.. I do send good thoughts of Christmas magic with extra glitter.. I send warm vibes with warm thoughts and hot coacoa... I send thoughts and prayers of healing and gentle hands to your gran and your family... I send peacfulness to you...

Every tear an angel will save, he holds together a broken heart. He holds your hand when you think no one is there and he hugs you tight when you feel you cant stand... your angel is with you as your Gran's is with her... With an angel's feather and the glitter from their light, I will keep you in prayer..

Kamila said...

Oh my..hope she gets well... and better.. i don't know.. prayers could help.. i'll be praying for you..

klahanie said...

Dear Mrs Midnite,
I'm sending warm and sincere hopeful wishes to your Gran and to you. So, I send you positive thoughts. And Penny, the Jack Russell, sends her 'pawsitivity' and a virtual cuddle.
In kindness, Gary and Penny xx

French Bean & Coffee Bean said...

I send happy thoughts, hugs, hot chocolate and gingerbread over your way!


Mrs Midnite said...

Hi Everyone,
Thank you for your positive thoughts and kind messages. I'm told my gran seems a bit better today so I'm hoping she keeps improving and won't need surgery.
Mrs M

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