Snow, trains and automobiles

Yesterday Scotland ground to a complete halt due to a few more flakes of the white stuff.  It started to snow pretty early in the morning and continued on until late afternoon.  The snow let most people get to work before it really bedded in for the day leading to major problems for people getting home.  To add to the snow we had some chilly sub zero temperatures just to make it more interesting.  The major roads between Edinburgh and Glasgow turned into car parks and some people spent last night in their cars.  One hour journeys turned into epic adventure reminiscent of lord of the rings.  Children stayed over night in schools and some people had to sleep at work. 

The snow was bad, it came down fast and although the weather forecasters are saying they warned us I never saw any prediction of this snow.  I was trying to work out with my dad how long it is since we had winters like this and last years.  There are pictures of me as a toddler standing on snow that was up to our garage roof.  We lived on a hill and usually got worse snow than the surrounding areas.  This was probably about 30 years ago and since then our winters have been mild.  I guess what I'm saying is that the UK seems to be totally unprepared for snow and icy temperatures now.

Work was closed today for the second time in two weeks, great a snow day but with the economic issues the last thing we need is to lose two days in addition to the days when we have been sent home early.  I like to think the company is doing OK but like everyone else they haven't had the best results recently.  What damage will a bad winter do to us.  Is this something that can be fixed by a few extra bags of grit and  a nice new snow plough.

I watched the unfolding chaos from my cosy sofa as I waited for the nice breakdown people to come and fix my car.  Called them at 8am and was told there was a 6 hour wait, they turned up at 10.30pm.  Twenty minutes later my car had a new battery and was back in the land of the operating vehicles.  I would moan about the cost but I'm really just pleased it's fixed, I love my car.

Anyway my final snow and transport related comments are about the Santa train, I took some pictures during our trip out to see Santa on Sunday, I'm very pleased with this one:

It was a lovely old steam train and when we stopped at the North Pole there was a bridge allowing the following pictures:

At least this train was running unlike most of them in Scotland.

I love taking pictures but most of them don't turn out how I think they should, I possibly need to invest in a better camera, but these I like.

Hope everyone is safe and warm.


#1Nana said...

It's cold here in Oregon, but at least our snow has melted. I'm curled up on the sofa with a down comforter. The pictures are something out of a children's book. Stay warm!

Mustang Sally said...

As well you should, that is a fine set of photos, the first of which is Awesome. Love the depth in layers, and you caught the smoke, crisp and sharp and the colors are perfect.

A nice camera does make things easier, but I have to tell you it's more about the person behind it. Exhale before you click the shutter. Movement ruins more picture than I can count. Brace your arms on something if possible. Get yourself at an angle you get the best light ... again, not ALWAYS possible.

And get yourself a free, downloadable photo editor. You can crop closer and tighten up your composition that way as long as the shots are sharp.

As for cameras, mine is a Panasonic Lumix. I shopped around until I knew what I wanted, then went shopping online. Online prices were WAY lower, but it's important to know ahead of time how it feels in your hands.

I do not have a DSLR where you can change the lens and stuff. I couldn't afford all that. It's a bit bigger than your less expensive point and shoots, but it has Leica glass (some of the best made) and it has 18x OPTICAL zoom. Pay no attention to digital zoom ... it's no good for anything anyways.

I think it cost me about 350 bucks for the camera. BEST money I ever spent.

Kate Mohler said...

I liked reading about the snow in Scotland! I'll be heading home to Minnesota for Christmas and this is exactly what I'll expect. Brrrrr.....

Amiya chatterjee said...

The images inside your brain cannot be the same as the image outside.Its against natural law .Miss

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