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Religion or politics! I don't expect this to happen often but:

its only a few hours until the polls open in the UK general election.

Maybe it's because I'm getting older but to me this is the most talked about election in my memory. The surprising thing was that in an unofficial poll in my office today 6 out of 6 hadn't decided who to vote for. Wondering from this how accurate the "too close to call" opinion poles can be.

Or maybe it was more to do with the respondents to our poll. As a group of educated professional 30 somethings we are looking at the issues and trying to make a decision on the party that matches our beliefs. We aren't just voting for the party we have always voted for because our parents voted for them before us. We're not voting for the man who makes the best first impression but on the plans for the next 4 to 5 years.

So how come none of us have reached a decision? Maybe this is actually a reflection of the whole UK, after all the polls are predicting a hung parliment.

My problem, as the mighty Chris Rock puts it, is that I am liberal about some things and conservative about some things.

In previous elections I have voted for my local MP because he did a lot for my local area, but he isn't standing. While I agree with his party on a lot of things there are one or two things I disagree with strongly so I'm not sure I can vote for them this time?

The current government, well I just don't know what to say. They are supposed to be for the working classes and yet many of their policies have made the poorest in our society worse off. I've never voted for them but I still expected better. An American colleague recently asked how we can have a PM that no one voted for, well our system works differently but point taken it seems crazy. I don't think they have handled the credit crunch as well as they could have and the expenses thing! I just don't trust them. As someone who at 18 had only really know one government I was excited when this goverment came in expecting changes for the better but right now I don't see them

The main contender? Well in Scotland we just don't do that. They only have one constituency in Scotland. I think their last government has left scars that won't heal for a long time in Scotland and the North of England. The current party could be different and the main man seems genuine and has a sense of humour but fear based on past experience is against them. I agree with a lot of what they are saying but again there are one or two things I don't like.

The Scottish party I have only one problem with, I don't think Scotland should be totally independant. I agree there are areas where making our own decisions and setting our own targets is a good idea but total independence, no I'm not convinced.

So what will I do tomorrow? Eeany, meany, miney mo? Or decide which parties bad points bother me least? Decisions.

And what does that mean when I watch the results and the swing-o-meter, will there be any result I will be happy with? I doubt it.


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