Glee - don't get it!

Everyone over in the UK seems to be raving about Glee. It's alright but it's not the best thing ever. There are some funny one liners and I like the music but I don't get why it is getting the reception its getting. Anyway for all those Glee-ers out there who might have missed it here is my favourite, most politically incorrect Sue Cs It:

Disclaimer - the opinions expressed by Sue Sylvestor are not those of Mrs Midnite!


Anonymous said...

Holy freaking cow that was funny.

I think I am going to steal that for my blog (but I will give you credit of course).

Mrs Midnite said...


Please steal away, glad you liked it.

#1Nana said...

I love Glee! The storyline with Kurt and his relationship with his father is my favorite. The show is entertaining while addressing hot button issues.

Michael said...

Like you, I appreciate the musical talent and the comedy, but agree that it's not the best things out there. Something you didn't mention, but I find about Glee, is that it's very clever in its plotlines and story-telling. I suppose the UK channels are just overhyping it.

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