10 reasons why I love my dogs!

Inspired to write a list by Scappychick so here it is:

10 reasons I love my dogs:

1) I get the biggest welcome when I get home with hugs and happy wagging tails.
2) They give the best puppy hugs
3) They take me out for great walks in the hills and at the beach
4) They are always happy, it's sort of contagious
5) They make me laugh with their silly games like pull your sisters ear or pounce and roll
6) They don't mind too much if I can't give them all my attention but are always there when I can.
7) They sit on the window sill and protect the house from anything that comes close, crisp packets, flower pots, next doors cat whatever.
8) We make new friends where ever we go
9) They are always there when you need them. Great listeners and don't mind if you cry into their fur.
10) They are cute and cuddly, loyal, faithful and phenomenal


Michael said...

I wish I had a dog, but my circumstances have always rendered the act of taking care of one inconvenient. One day...

... would love to meet your cute ones. :)

The Author is Unknown said...

They are gorgeous!

Mrs Midnite said...

Thank you, they are really sweet!

DanWins said...

going to have to follow you so I can come back in here and show my wife the 10 list. I have NO doubt that it will make her think of Our "Snuggles" like it did for me.

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