Awards for me!

A strange thing happened this weekend, my blog got two awards. So to start an acceptance speech:

Unaccoustomed as I am to public speaking I would just like to say a few words. No, OK then on to the awards. I'm new to this so bear with me:

Award 1, my first award:

Mikey from the Psyche of Mikey has nominated me for the Creative Writer blogger award. Me creative why thank you Mikey.

So this was a surprise, I'm new to the world of blog and wasn't really aware of bloggy awards. So its really nice to discover them by actually getting one. So thank you Mikey again and now on to the award fun:

I have to tell up to 6 truths and at least 1 lie. I guess this is to show you all how creative I am. So here goes:

1)I used to date an olympic boxer
2)I have a collection of elephant teapots
3)I have my own speed boat
4)Mr Midnite is a male stripper
5)I sound like a lumberjack when I play tennis
6)I buy too many candles that I never light
7)I drive a sports car

If you're not sure just stick around, I'm sure it will all come out in the blogging.

Next I need to nominate 7 other blogs, so:

Plenty more fish out of water
Stranger in a strange town
So Long and Thanks for all the fish

The crusades of a critic
Sing a little tune to me

Think thats me done for my first award. So onwards to:

Award 2:
Amber has not only educated me in the craft of scrap booking but she has also nominated me for an award. So head on over and check out Amber' blog

So now I just need to answer some questions and nominate 5 more blogs for this award. This is all pretty hard work for a Sunday:

1. What do you do when you're bored? I dance with the devil in the pale moonlight. Well OK really I take my dogs out for a walk, it always makes me feel good. If they have been walked and boredom arrives I read, write or annoy my friends.
2. Are you an Autumn or a Spring? I like both, I love spring because everything is new and the trees outside my window get pretty blossom, it means that lighter nights are on the way. Autumn is when my trees turn orange and then I can see the hills behind Edinburgh, its a great view. I like crisp, cold autumn walks. Think spring has the edge today.
3. Quick! You're stuck at an airport for hours, and the only options are crossword puzzles, or an old novel nobody's ever heard of. Which do you pick? The novel.
4. Jane Austen or Emily Bronte? Heathcliff it's me your Cathy I've come home! Actually of the 3 Bronte sister's Emily wouldn't be my favourite. Jane Austen would be my choice of the two.
5. Do you feel prepared for the five other questions coming your way? Not at all I haven't revised or anything!
6. Who’s your hero? Hard hard question. I really have no idea, possibly me. Can I be my own hero? Or my Gran she was the strongest person I have known.
7. Favorite word? Just one? Lily
8. Are you one of those “checklist” people, or are you a “wing it and hope everything goes well” sort of person? A checklist person by nature and as a job but I can just wing it sometimes.
9. What phrase has stuck with you in your life? Don't know, these are hard questions. Probably patience is a virtue.
10. If you were to choose between coffee and tea . . . which would you go with? Tea, I'm a little teapot, Tall and Curvy!

And here are my 5 blogs:
Benchmark 60
Meaningful Meaderings from a mad mother
The author is unknown
The psyche of mikey
Mentally Hilarious

So if I've nominated you please join in and tell some lies or answer some questions and nominate some more blogs.


Anonymous said...

Mrs. Midnight....what a fine job you did in accepting your awards!!

You really deserve the awards because your blog is really good.

Oh, and you are officially the first one to post and accept, so congrats on that as well!

Mrs Midnite said...

Thank Amber

It's hard to look at your own writing and tell if it is good or just a rambling mess. Occasionally I read back something I wrote a long time ago and think it's OK but I'm never sure with new stuff.

Accepting awards was harder than I thought it would be. On top of that I also managed to clean my flat. Just need to fill in a massive form for my bank and then I have finished my to do list :0)

Michael said...

I'm guessing 2, 5, 6 and 7 are truths, and the rest are lies.

I've always wanted to do the walking-my-dog-in-the-middle-of-the-night thing. Sigh.

Thanks for the award, will get to it eventually.

Mrs Midnite said...

Of 2, 5, 6 and 7 there are 50% truths and 50% lies!

#1Nana said...

Mrs. Midnite, Thank you for my very first award. I agree, Life is Good!

Iron Criterion said...

Yay that's the second one of those awards that I have been nominated for. Do I have to do the questions thingy?

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