Flat Watching

There is a flat across from mine that has me fascinated.

I have lived here almost seven years. I walk my dogs in and out of the door opposite this flat at least five times a day. I quite often notice the flat when I open and close my curtains and have diverted some walks to see whats at the other side.

What I here you ask is so interesting? Is there a hunky man posing in the window? No nothing that exciting.

In seven years I have never seen a light on, the blinds have never opened or changed position and the windows never open.

I started thinking it was an empty flat but seven years? Why would the owner not just sell it or at least rent it out and make some money.

I wondered if it was someone who works nights permanently but I think by now I would have seen a light. We have days when it never gets light and with the blinds permanently closed they would have to put lights on some time.

I started thinking that someone has died in there and that I will get home one day to find police investigating a mummified body that has been there longer than I've lived here. Macabre?

Then I'm wondering vampires, could it be?

It just seems odd. It bugs me. I want to know who lives there or owns it but doesn't use it. It doesn't matter or make any difference to my life but I still want to know.


LFC_Loads said...

im in year 12 at boarding school. we all have individual rooms.

theres one guys room who is exactly the same. hes a bit strange. he keeps a redback spider in his room. his family runs a fruit market in newcastle (sure sign of links with the mafia).

all a bit strange. my theory - drugs are involved somehow

Michael said...

Maybe it's just a store room.

Or it's where a serial killer keeps all their 'finished products'!

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